About the Center

Social teaching in the Catholic tradition expresses that the measure of an institution is whether it threatens or enhances the life and dignity of the human person. At Saint Michael's we are guided by this principle as we shape our academic work to be responsive to the conditions, problems, and needs of our communities. Our work is primarily focused on our immediate communities of Burlington and Winooski; however, other areas in Vermont, and international venues are often a part of our work as we respond to the needs of the community and pursue the academic interests of both students and faculty.

The social and environmental issues that challenge us today run deep and are complex. As allies with the community, we are interested in bringing fresh energy and insights to the community as we learn about, complement, and expand the positive work already being done by the community itself. We seek to respect the resources, knowledge, and skills that community members already possess while pursuing projects which match the scholarly interests of students and faculty.