Guest Speakers

A 30-year history of the Omicron Delta Epsilon guest speaker series:

Professor Sara Solnick, Chair, Department of Economics, University of Vermont. "Soft Drinks and Violence".

April 11, 2013
Dr. Joseph Quinn, James P. McIntyre Professor of Economics, Boston College; "The Entitlement Crises and Social Security (The Easy Part)"

March 28, 2012
Dr. Claudia Sahm, Economist, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; "Income Expectations and Consumer Spending"

February 10, 2011
Elliot S. Fisher, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Medicine, Dartmouth College, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice; "Achieving a Sustainable Health Care System"

April 28, 2010
Dr. Yoram Bauman; "Comedy, Economics, and Climate Change"

February 24, 2009
Dr. David Hemenway, Professor of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health; "While We Were Sleeping. Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention"

April 8, 2008
Dr. Bisrat Aklilu, Executive Coordinator, Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office, the United Nations; "The United Nations and the Millennium Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities"

April 11, 2007
Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, Frederick C. Dirks Professor of Economics and Acting Dean at Middlebury College; "Power of Economic Reasoning"

March 7, 2006
Dr. Gustav Papanek, President of the Boston Institute for Developing Economies and Emeritus Professor of Economics, Boston University; "Poverty, Politics and Development in Asia: An economic adviser discusses successes and failure in over 50 years of work in the region"

April 28, 2005
Dr. Mark Stephan Calnon, Chief Economist, Verizon; "Evolution, Challenges, and the Future of the Telecommunications Industry"

April 21, 2004
Dr. Abu Turab Rizvi, Professor of Economics, University of Vermont; "Happiness, Income and Work"

March 20, 2003
Dr. Art Woolf, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Vermont and President of Northern Economic Consulting and the Vermont Economic Newsletter; "New Hampshire vs. Vermont: What a Difference a River Makes"

April 26, 2002
Dr. Ashok S. Rai, Center for International Development, Harvard University; "Microfinance Against Poverty"

April 25, 2001
Joseph Boutin, President and CEO of Merchants Bank; "Banking Now and In The Future: The Changing Competitive Environment"

April 12, 2000
Dr. Thomas Naylor, Professor of Economics, Duke University; "Techno-Fascism: The Foundation of the New Economy"

April 21, 1999
Dr. Patrick Crowley, Professor of Economics, Middlebury College; "EMU and the Euro: Background and Prospects"

April 16, 1998
Dr. David Colander, Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Prof. of Economics, Middlebury College; "The Way the World Really Works"

April 14, 1997
Dr. Joseph Pliskin, Sydney Liswood Professor of Health Care Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, and Adjunct Professor at Harvard School of Public Health; "Optimal Screening for Down’s Syndrome: An Economic Analysis"

April 18, 1996
Dr. Darius Conger, Professor of Economics, LeMoyne College; "An Economic Analysis of New Spouse Selection Following Divorce: At Last a Prince(ss) or Just Another Frog"

April 27, 1995
Dr. Paul Dion, Visiting Professor, Saint Michael’s College; "Why the United States is the World’s Pollution Spewing Policeman: The Economics of Multinational Public Goods"

April 14, 1994
Dr. Carl Reidel, Director of Environmental Programs, University of Vermont; "Private Property and the Public Trust: A Challenge for Economics"

April 22, 1993
Dr. Richard Brandenburg, Chair of the Vermont Health Care Authority; "The Future of Health Care Reform in Vermont"

April 9, 1992
Professor Shane Hunt, Professor of Economics, Boston University; "Inflation, Depression, and Revolution in Latin America"

April 18, 1991
Dr. Arthur Woolf, Professor of Economics, University of Vermont and former Chief Economist for Governor Kunin; "The Role of Economic Analysis in State Government"

March 26, 1990
Thomas Salmon, Governor of the State of Vermont

February 8, 1990
Dr. Michael Claudon, Professor of Economics Middlebury College and President of Geoeconomics; "Doing Business in the Soviet Union: Will the Reforms be Successful?"

April 5, 1989
Dr. Scott McCormick, Associates in Rural Development; "Natural Resources and Economic Development in the Third World"

March 22, 1988
Dr. David Colander, Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Economics Middlebury College; "Why are Economics Texts so Irrelevant"

April 15, 1985
Carolyn Shaw Bell, Professor of Economics, Wellesley College; "Comparable Worth: Will it Work?"

April 26, 1984
Dr. Robert Lekachman, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Lehman College; "Is there Life After Reagan"

March 23, 1983
Dr. Oldrich Kyn, Professor of Economics, Boston University; "Planned vs. Free Market Economies: The Case of Austria and Czechoslovakia"

April 19, 1982
Dr. Robert Solow, Institute Professor of M.I.T.; "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Federal Budget" 


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