Pi Mu Epsilon

National Mathematics Honorary Society -Vermont Alpha Chapter

The purpose of the Society is to promote scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences among the students at the academic institutions that have been chartered as Chapters of the Society to recognize students' accomplishments in mathematics. Founded in 1914 at Syracuse University, Pi Mu Epsilon now has more than 370 chapters at Colleges and universities throughout the United States. Pi Mu Epsilon holds an annual meeting in conjunction with the Mathematical Association of America's summer meeting "Mathfest", and publishes the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal devoted to topics in mathematics accessible to undergraduates.

The Saint Michael's College chapter was chartered in 2003. Each year, the Vermont Alpha Chapter sponsors the Pi Mu Epsilon Lecture featuring a prominent mathematician speaking on an area of current interest. Membership is open to all students of any major who are engaged in the study of mathematics and meet the Chapter requirements.

For more information, visit Pi Mu Epsilon's national site or contact Professor Zsuzsanna M. Kadas at zkadas@smcvt.edu.

2014-15 Inductees

pi mu epsilon 2014 inductees Brianne Conlon '15
Mac Edmondson '16
Nathan Hodge '16
Celsey Lumbra '16
David Robbins '15
Ashley Scully '15

2013-14 Inductees

pme large group Kaitlyn Adams '15
Samuel Blakely '15
Mary Falcigno '15
Jessica George '14
Michael Gilbert '14
Brian Kilbride '14
Taylor Midgley '15
Stephanie Nadow '15
Tracy Stevenson '14
Daniel Todd '15

2012-13 Inductees

PME 2012 InductionEnrique Angola '14
Amanda Brigante '14
Colin Delaney '13
Robert Hammond
Katelyn Heath '14
Tyler Hotte '14
Miranda LaRocque '14
Janelle Lavery '14
Jeffery Trites '14
Amy Winter '14 

Krisan Geary, M.S.; Instructor and Quantitative Skills Coordinator

2011-12 Inductees

PME 2011 InductionAshley Armstrong
Thomas Dickerson
Alexandra Foote
Daniel Koch
Alyssa McBride
Eric Parziale

John Neuhauser, Ph.D., President of the College

2010-11 Inductees

PME 2010 InductionLaura Backman
Christopher Carlos
Alex Centofranchi
Jason DeCoteau
Brian Goodhue
Kalyn Johnson
Erika Kirslis
Susan Molzon
Eileen Mullowney
Emily Pratt
Mary Spuches
Danielle Sylvia
Andrew Therrien
Jacqueline Tuthill

2009-10 Inductees

Katherine Amberson
Marybeth Ash
Brittany Baker
Andrew Gilbert
Edward Hakey
Lee-Anne Holder
Erin Jones
Cassandra Mayberry
Dominic Perroni
Kathryn Summo
Kaitlyn Tuthil

2008-09 Inductees

Katelyn J.Billings
Bradley W.Filarey
Jenna E. Foderaro
Akie Hashimoto
Whitney E.Hine
Elise D. Keroack
Hannah F. LaPlante
Daniel P. Lewis
Zachary S. Pratt
Nicholas D. Rizzo

Annual Report: Pi Mu Epsilon – Vermont Alpha Chapter – 2012-13

Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Dr. Zsuzsanna Kadas
Co-Presidents: Alexa Foote and Eric Parziale

Number of New Members Inducted: 11;  Number of continuing student members: 6

Major Activities

The annual Pi Mu Epsilon Lecture was held in conjunction with the Induction Ceremony. Prof. Liz McMahon from Lafayette College gave a fascinating talk on "Mathematics in the Game of SET®." Before and after the talk, several lively games of SET were in progress.

Monthly Department Colloquia are co-sponsored by Pi Mu Epsilon, and PME officers introduce the visiting speakers.

The September Math Colloquium consisted of presentation by students who had participated in summer 2012 research projects or internships, among them PME members: Kaitlyn Adams, Alexa Foote, Tyler Hotte, Eric Parziale, Jeff Trites,  

Later in September of 2012, Prof. Michael Dorff from Brigham Young U, gave the Colloquium talk "Kidney transplants, the Real Iron Man Suit, and the Pixar Movie ‘Incredibles': What Can you Do with Math?"

In March, Prof. Ben Baumer from Smith College drew a large crowd with his talk "Moneyball Revisited: Assessing the Sabermetric Revolution in Baseball". See SMC Math Department newsletter  http://mathminutes.wordpress.com for other colloquia.

Conferences, Undergrad Research, and other news:

In April, nineteen students participated in the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference at Williams College, including PME members Colin Delaney, Thomas Dickerson, Alexa Foote, and Robert Hammond.

Recent alums continuing their graduate studies are:

  • Claudette Foisy '09 (Clarkson)
  • Dan Lewis '10 (Notre-Dame)
  • Brittany Baker '11 (Minnesota)
  • Mary Spuches (UNC-Charlotte)

Admitted to graduate school for the Fall are Thomas Dickerson '13 (Brown – Computer Science). Alexa Foote '13 (Purdue- Applied Statistics).

Rising Senior Katelyn Heath will attend the George Washington Summer Program.

Alexa Foote and Eric Parziale shared the Outstanding Mathematics Major award at graduation; Alexa was also named Valedictorian.

Annual Report: Pi Mu Epsilon – Vermont Alpha Chapter – 2011-12

Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Dr. Zsuzsanna Kadas
President: Mary Spuches; Vice-President: Emily Pratt

Number of New Members Inducted: 7; Number of continuing student members: 14

Major Activities

As usual, the annual Pi Mu Epsilon lecture was held in conjunction with the Induction Ceremony. We were very pleased to have as our speaker Prof. Frank Morgan from Williams College, who is also Vice-President of the AMS. Frank gave a very lively and engaging talk on Soap Bubbles and Mathematics.

The September Math Colloquium consisted of presentation by students who had participated in summer research projects, among them PME members:

  • Eric Parziale '13 "Possession is 9/10's of the Law: Banking, Footie, and how to 'Excel' at Multilevel Logistic Regression"
  • Jaqui Tuthill '12 "Rhythmic Clustering of Drum Breaks"

In November of 2011, former Chapter President Sarah Hamilton '07, now a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University, gave the Colloquium talk "Oh the Things You Can Do and the Places You'll See With a Mathematics Degree from SMC!"

On Friday, March 2nd, the PME chapter organized the first annual Math FFNN (Food, Fun, Networking Night) at which we ate Pi (Pizza), played some math games like Set, Uno, and Sumdoku, and some non-math games like Bananagrams and Apples to Apples, and shared some math jokes.

Monthly Department Colloquia are co-sponsored by Pi Mu Epsilon, and members introduce the visiting speakers. Further details available through the Math Department.

Conferences, Undergrad Research, and other news

Mary Spuches '12 will begin graduate study in the Ph.D. program in Applied Math at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Emily Pratt '12 received the Outstanding Math Major award at graduation.

Several rising Seniors are attending summer research programs and workshops:

  • Ashley Armstrong: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophyisics
  • Thomas Dickerson: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Alexandra Foote: Explorations in Statistics Research, workshop at UC Berkeley

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