Honors Program

Students of exceptional caliber with an academic record that evidences their potential to succeed in a highly rigorous program will be invited to join the Honors Program at Saint Michael's.

The Honors Core Courses, the Honors Colloquium and the Senior Honors Project in the Major are at the heart of the program. Our Honors students demand more of themselves, each other, their instructors, and their respective disciplines.

In the Honors Program, students complete at least five special Honors courses, work with small groups of peers and professors, conduct research, often with the chance to present and publish, and enjoy unique curricular and extracurricular opportunities that can open the doors to highly competitive graduate schools and careers. Students may also choose to live in Honors housing.

The Honors Program aims to enhance the college experience of each member; to promote the intellectual growth of every student at Saint Michael's College; and to encourage active involvement in service to the community and the world.

And of all the opportunities, we take the final one the most seriously. As we see it, world-changing work isn't simply an expectation. It's an honor.