Information Literacy - Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes

This list reflects common tools used in assessing student learning outcomes in all subject areas. These tools also lend themselves to assessing information literacy skills.

Performance assessment

  • Annotated Bibliograrphy
  • Research Portfolio
  • Poster Session Assessment of student work
  • Observation/review of student work during hands-on time by librarian
  • Pre-test/Post-test
  • Student progress reports--journaling about research process
  • Scavenger hunt for book in library collection; students work in pairs
  • Small group reporting on selection of journal articles
  • "Poll Everywhere" texting quiz during or after instruction
  • Search, select, save, and send 2 journal articles to librarian
  • Students demonstrate to peers "how to" process of finding articles or books
  • Checklist for students to follow and use for self-evaluation
  • Bibliographies signed/approved by librarian
  • Bibliography Rating Scale

Student feedback/evaluation

  • One Minute Paper

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