Library and Information Studies

Program Coordinator: John Payne, LIS Director
Instructors: Burks, Hindes, McCaffrey, Scoville, Crain, Scott, McAteer, Knight
Today’s library is a complex array of traditional print-based books and journals, non-print materials and online databases accessed locally or via the Internet. Courses offered enable students to gain an understanding of the organization of information in this environment and to develop the information literacy skills necessary to find and analyze information efficiently and to evaluate and utilize it appropriately.

Course Offerings

LS 101 -- Research Skills and Strategies
2 credits  Outcomes (.doc)
Students will investigate and critically examine the dynamic constellation of library and information resources, including the World Wide Web, online and full-text databases, and print resources. Focus is on developing efficient search strategies, evaluating information sources, documenting sources, and effectively using new technologies.  LS101 provides a foundation and methodology for students planning to write senior theses, honors papers, capstone projects, or foresee graduate studies in their future.  Enrollment is restricted to first year, sophomores, and juniors.  Seniors require permission of the instructor. 

GED 579: Researching Electronically & Publishing Web Content
3 credits   
This course equips students to be effective online researchers and publishers of information for the Web. Students will acquire the Information Literacy skills to determine the extent of information needed, access the information through different formats, critically evaluate information and its sources, design search strategies for specific subject areas, and understand information publishing within current copyright standards. Web publishing will cover basic design, usability, and development of web pages for targeted audiences. Cross-listed with GSA 579

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