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Academic Integrity - Importance of properly citing sources for scholarship and accurracy

 Evaluating your sources


Plagiarism: Its Impact and Importance for College Students and the Scholarly Process

Defining Plagiarism

According to the MLA Handbook, Seventh Ed (p 52):

"Plagiarism involves two kind of wrongs. Using another person's ideas, information, or expressions without acknowledging that person's work constitutes intellectual theft. Passing off another person's ideas, information, or expressions as your own to get a better grade or gain some advantage constitutes fraud."

Incidence of Plagiarism - Is it Increasing?

  • Rate of plagiarism for college and high school students is difficult to access.
    - Anywhere from 9% – 95% has been reported in different studies.
    (Scanlon 2003)
    2/3 of college students self-report of cheating
    (McCabe 2010)
  • Incidence for plagiarizing from print materials is slightly higher than for plagiarizing Internet sources
    (McCabe 2005)
  • At schools with Honor Codes, incidence of self-reported plagiarism is less
    (McCabe 1993)
  • Using online tools to complete assignments is associated with plagiarism
    (Roberts 2012)
  • Self reporting of cheating is just as high for good students versus poor students
    (McCabe 2010)
    Over site and reporting by faculty is poor
    “Institutions do a poor job of making those boundaries clear and consistent, of educating students about them, of enforcing them, and of giving teachers a clear process to follow through on them,” said Laurie L. Hazard, director of the Academic Center for Excellence at Bryant University.
    (Perez-Pera 2012)
  • "There have always been struggling students who cheat to survive, but more and more, there are students at the top who cheat to thrive."
    (McCabe 2010)


Types of Cheating  -- McCabe (2005)- Cheating on Written Assignments 


Ellison, Jerome. "American Disgrace: COLLEGE CHEATING." Saturday Evening Post 232.28 (????) -
- Any idea when the following was published?

Saturday Evening Post

Cheating is Widespread in College, but Why? - NPR Talk of the Nation

Plagiarism Infractions

  Biden. Click image to expand.Melania Trump



Scale of Infractions – Rate the following for seriousness of the Infraction

Minor 1 .. ……………………………………………………………>>>> 10 Major

Paper Mill _____

Paraphrase but don’t cite source _____

(Self-plagiarism) Borrower borrows from their own previous work ______

Using information from Wikipedia but not citing the source as it is "common knowledge"_____

Copying and pasting from the web (and not citing) _______

Getting confused, can’t find the source and cites incorrectly ______

Student mentions writer’s name, but doesn’t give specifics of the source ________

Copying and pasting from a web site’s frequently asked questions page about homelessness and not citing the source because no author was given _______

Putting an ad on Craigslist for someone to write your paper _______

Working with others on an assignment when asked for individual work __________

You have a discussion with your neigbor - an expert on middle east studies - and use that discussion as a basis for your thesis paper - without acknowledging that discussion.  (hot mike)

Question to Consider 

  • Despite the Internet and ease of use copying and pasting, it can not be documented that incidence of plagiarism has increased or escalated over time – What reasons might plagiarism not have increased?
  • The perception is that plagiarism is increasing. What is driving this perception?
  • Is plagiarism a “victimless” offense? Does the perception that others peers are doing so have an affect among students?
  • Is not being taught how to cite sources by professors an excuse for having plagiarized?
  • Why are print sources plagiarized more than Internet sources?
  • Is the inclination to plagiarize indicative of future lapses of ethical behavior?
  • Is plagiarism culturally neutral? How do other cultures view plagiarism?


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Saint Michael's College Academic Integrity Policy

Plagiarism and the Web: Myths and Realities 2011 Turnitin Study

Citing Sources

MLA Handbook Seventh Edition

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