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The Library is presently reviewing the following resources as part of free database trial programs.
Several factors influence the selection of new electronic resources, including, but not limited to, cost, licensing agreements, ease of use of the resource, and the importance or value of content. A database trial does not mean that the database will be added to the Library Collection.

The Library welcomes feedback on the need and use of databases by its students, faculty, and staff. Please send your comments to Laura Crain, Associate Director for Collection Services.

Oxford Handbooks: Criminology & Criminal Justice 
Combines all of the Oxford Handbooks on criminology (the study of the causes of crime) and criminal justice (the study of the institutions and processes involved in the enforcement of the criminal law). The scope is interdisciplinary, ranging across the behavioral and social sciences and the humanities from biology and neurology through sociology, psychology, and political science to literature, history, and philosophy. Contemporary scholarship ranges across time from historical studies of crime in the Middle Ages through content and discourse analyses of newspapers, television, film, and fiction, and across subjects from brain-scans to meta-ethics.
Trial ends: April 13, 2018

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