Archives Purpose, Services, and Collections Use

The Saint Michael’s College Archives Department is located in the Durick Library.  It is the designated repository for official records of Saint Michael’s College.  The Department also serves as the official repository for records from the Society of Saint Edmund

The Saint Michael's College Archives was established in 1972.   The collection includes official records and manuscripts; student records; College publications; administrative papers; video and audio recordings; microfilm; and photographs relating to the history of the College. 

The Society of Saint Edmund Archives was established in 1974.  In 1995, the Archives were transferred to Durick Library, where they are administered as an independent collection in the Archives Department.  The Society of Saint Edmund Archives includes official records from the Generalate and from both current and former apostolates of the society, as well as manuscript materials from individual members of the Society.  The collection also includes photographs and artifacts.


Rules for Use
It is the responsibility of the researcher to assist in the preservation of archival materials. Appropriate care should be exercised to ensure that future generations of researchers will have access to these materials.  Visitors are therefore requested to observe the following guidelines:


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