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Linking to Journal Articles in Canvas

You may link to the majority of the journal/newspaper articles and online books you find in our library databases for your Canvas courses, web pages, and email using "persistent" links to articles. 

When providing access to journal articles for off-campus users, you need to direct the persistent link to your chosen article through the library's EZproxy server.  Your off-campus users will be prompted for their Mikenet username and password to access the article.


Step 1: Copy the "persistent" link to the article from your database search.  See Persistent Linking to Journal Articles for information on how to do this.

Step 2: If the persistent link to your article is from an EbscoHost or ProQuest database, you are all set.  You should see the proxy URL  as prefix to your persistent link.  All other databases' (eg. JSTOR, Muse, Gale, ect) require you to put the proxy url in front of the persistent link.

For Example:

Copy & paste the proxy url and put it in front of the persistent URL you retrieved from the database.

Step 3: Take the url you created in Step 2 and use it paste it into your Canvas utility.  Test it to make sure it is working.


Question: How do I link to a library database for my off-campus students in Canvas? 

Answer: Go to the database title list, copy the database text link (or right click on the text link and choose copy shortcut) and paste into your Canvas syllabus.  The link is already proxied for off-campus students.

Question: What is a persistent link?

Answer: Persistent links (also called durable links) are Internet URLs that remain consistent over time.  This is not always the same URL found in the browser window of a library database article - those may only work temporarily.  See Persistent Linking to Journal Articles for information on how each database provider provides its persistent links.

Question: I have an article from a journal.  How do I know which database to use to access the journal article?

Answer: Use Journal Finder.  Search the journal title (not the article title) and you will get a list of databases that allow full-text access and persistent linking to your article.

Please contact your library liaison for help with linking to articles

Maintained by Steve Burks

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