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Scholarly Journals

*Scholarly Journals, also referred to as: Scholastic Journals, Peer Reviewed, Primary Journals, Research Journals  (See PDF Handout)

Generally, Scholarly Journals have the following in common

  • Peer Review (Refereed)  - Blind, double blind.  Other subject specialist review the submitted research for its viability to be published within the journal
  • Follow citation guidelines for citing sources common within that scholastic discipline
  • Place of FIRST published research on a topic
  • Often more than one author, particularly in scientific research
  • Ethics statement - how human and animal subjects are treated within experiments
  • Use research methods tied to the subject discipline.  For example Case Studies are often used in the subject area of Management Studies

Common Elements of Science and Social Science Research Articles 

  • Abstract (summary of article often written by author)
  • Methods or Materials Section (particularly where research is presented)
  • Hypothesis or predictions
  • Footnotes/References
  • Conclusion
  • Discussion

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