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BU 113 Company Financials

Librarian: Beth Dietrich & Steve Burks

Instructors: Joanne Scott

Here is a breakdown of the resources you need to use and the pieces of information you need to compile for your Finance Application Assignment:

  1. ValueLine: Provides a one page financial analysis of selected companies
    1. Most recent Value Line PDF Reports for two profitable companies in the same industry
    2. If you don't know a company to start with, you can find companies in the same industry here:
  2. Yahoo Finance
    1. Annual Balance Sheet and Income Statements for both companies
  3. Wall Street Journal
    1. Find the exact date of an event for ONE of your companies that might have an impact on stock prices
    2. You may need to go to your company’s website to look for press releases to get the exact date of the announcement
  4. Yahoo Finance
    1. Get the historical stock prices from 3 days before through 5 days after the event date (add a couple days on either side to account for a weekend)
    2. Get the historical stock prices for that date range in the S&P 500 Index
  5. Big Charts
    1. Create an Advanced Chart for your company (type in the company’s ticker symbol and click “advanced chart”)
    2. Customize the date range for the dates around your event
    3. Compare to S&P 500
    4. Change price display to “CLOSE”
  6. Extra Credit
    1. Go to your company’s website and look for INVESTOR RELATIONS
    2. Find SEC filings
    3. Look at the latest Annual 10K Report and find the Independent Audit statement within that report (usually just before the financial info)

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