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BU 464 Marketing Management

Research sources for Environmental Scan/Demand Forecasts

Monitor reports include market size, trends, competitive landscape, forecast; sample reports are below

Computer and Peripherals in the United States (2012)
Cafes/Bars in the United States  (2012)
Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in the United States  (2012)
Internet retailing in the United States (2012)


  • Databases for locating articles and  industry reports

Research business conditions, management techniques, business trends, management practice and theory, corporate strategy and tactics, and competitive landscape

search in ABI/INFORM for reports and articles on "used books"--market, industry, data

example of industry report for used books: Used Merchandise Stores-Quarterly Update (9/2012)

Business Source Complete
Access to industry, company, and product reviews, analysis, reports, news and data

Small Business Resource Center database
Hundreds of sample business plans and templates

Value Line Investment Survey
Extensive one page reports/analysis on 101 industries

EconLit with Full Text 
Provides full text for journal literature, books, dissertations including data and surveys


  • Industry analysis websites

NAICS Look-UP:  see below for selected examples

Bars or nightclubs: 722410
Internet publishing: 519130
used books: 453310
Bookstores: 451211
Used merchandise: 4533
Electronic shopping (nonstore retailers):454

Industries at a Glance: 

Data by Sector:
and by Supersector including natural resources and mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, service, transportation, telecommunications and the internet, financial, leisure and hospitality, and much much more!!!

example for food service industry:Food Services and Drinking Places

example for some web services: Other Information Services NAICS 519 

example for retail stores including used books: Miscellaneous Store Retailers 

example includes electronic shopping and nonfood street vendors: Nonstore Retailers  

Information and Communication Technology Survey (2010): 

Annual Retail Trade Report (2010/2012):

 Bureau of Ecnomic Analysis:

Survey of Current Business:

Industry Economic Accounts:

Annual Industry Accounts (2010):

Annual Survey of Manufacturers 

Industry reports for manufacturing and service industries.

Industry Trade Data and Analysis from the ITA/Commerce Dept:


  • Industry data and reports in print Reference Sources

Standard and Poor's lengthy reports on 52 industries, print copy in Durick Library Reference HC106.6  

Industry Surveys from Standard and Poor's (2010)  see Part B: Industry Profiles and chapter 17 "key sector statistics", for info on publications available; print copy in Durick LIbrary Reference HC 101

Business Statistics for the United States 
print copy in Durick Library Reference HF 5681

Annual Statement Studies Financial Ratio Benchmarks (annual)
print copy in Durick Library Reference HF 5681

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios (2010)
from Dun and Bradstreet (2008/2009): print copy in Durick Library Reference HD 2771

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios (2010-2011)
print copy in Durick Library Reference HD2771.D866b

Market Share Reporter (2011).  Reference HF 5410.M35 2000


  • Demographics and Consumer Spending

Local Market Analyst  A consumer market research tool that provides access to segmentation, demographics, and targeting data for media planners and consumer marketers; understand target audiences, their consumer behavior and lifestyles and have access to detailed reports and maps

Consumer Expenditures Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Census of the United States

Census Bureau's Population and Households

Census Bureau's Income statistics

American Marketplace (2009 edition)--print copy in Durick Library: Reference Ha.a635 2007

Household Spending (2010 edition)--print copy in Durick Library: Reference HC110.C6 O34

SRDS: The Lifestyle Market Analyst (2008 edition)--print copy in Durick Library: Reference HA 203.L5

Advertising Revenues

Internet Advertising Revenue Report (2012):

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