First Year Seminars

Welcome first year scholars!

Personal Librarians (see below) collaborate with FS instructors and are designated to help you throughout your first year at SMC. 

Librarians can help you with:

  • Understanding academic integrity, copyright, and plagiarism. See Tutorial
  • Navigating the library website for research assignments
  • Locating books, reference sources, articles, and other resources
  • Distinguishing between popular press and scholarly literature
  • Evaluating research findings
  • Citing sources

Additionally, research assistance is available at the Reference Desk or by scheduling a research appointment.

FS Course

Your Personal Librarian

FS111 Examined Life, E. Monley

FS111 Examined Life, E. Copeland

FS111 FS111 Examined Life. D. Ellinwood

FS124 Human Rights in China, R. He

FS184 Robotics, M. Doyle


Kristen Hindes
Kristen Hindes 
Library 205 


FS111 Examined Life, P. Vantine

FS111 Examined Life, R. Lair

FS111 Examined Life, S. Layfield

FS153 Peace & Justice, P. Arani

FS153 Peace & Justice, L. Gagne

Michele McCaffrey
Michele McCaffrey
Library 206


FS111 Examined Life, J. D’Amore

FS114 River Runs Through It, W.Grover

FS140 Place and Placelessness, R. Kujawa

FS140 Place and Placelessness, M. Sullivan

FS154 Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Media, T. Griffith

Steven Burks
Steve Burks
Library 210

FS 102  The Afterlife in World Religions  J. Trumbower

FS 113  Tries: Creative Writing, W. Marquess

FS 113  Tries: Creative Writing, E. Sloan

FS 140  Place and Placelessness, K. Dykstra

FS 153  Peace & Justice, M. St. Louis

FS 156  Memoirs of Race, Gender, and Society, M. Bosia

   Beth Dietrich
Bethany Dietrich
Library 207

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