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Dictionary of the Middle Ages
REF D 114.D5

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of The Middle Ages

Great Events from History: The Middle Ages
REF D 119.G74 2005

Women in the Middle Ages
REF HQ 1143.W643

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
REF CB 351.D5413

Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Medieval World
REF CB 351.E53 2008

Handbook to Life in the Medieval World
REF CB 351.C625 2008


Medieval England: an encyclopedia
REF DA 129.M43

Medieval France: an encyclopedia
REF DC 33.2.M44

Medieval Ireland: an encyclopedia
REF DA 933.M43

Medieval Italy: an encyclopedia
REF DG 443.M43

Medieval Scandinavia: an encyclopedia
REF DL 30 .M43

Art and Literature

Arts and Humanities Through the Eras
REF NX 440.A787

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature
REF PN 669.R88

Medieval Folklore
REF D 118.M43

New Arthurian Encyclopedia
REF DA 152.5.A7 N48 1991

Dante Encyclopedia
REF PQ 4333.D36 2000

Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art
REF N 5970.H813

Religion and Philosophy

New Catholic Encyclopedia
REF BX 841.N44 2003

Encyclopedia of Monasticism
BL 631.E63 2000

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