List of Internet Resources

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American Home Business Association
One of the better home business applications.

Nolo Press
Nolo specializes in legal do-it-yourself advice. They have an excellent product line, and command out respect for their down-to-earth editorial policy.

America's Business Funding Directory
Helpful information on where and how to find capital for your business.

Apple Small Biz Site
Some how-to information, especially helpful for Mac aficionados. Expert advice, links, success stories.

Better Business Bureau
The ethical watchdog. Does everything the old BBB did, but quicker.

Committee on Small Business
This is one of the best entry points into the federal maze. Great links to government resources.

Digital Daily Welcome - IRS
Welcome to the IRS. They really are trying to be more user-friendly. Contains updated information and a strong section on taxes for small business.

Home Based and Small Business Resource Center
Newsletter, kids, parents working at home site. Chatty and fun for the work-at-home-mother.

HR in a Box Home Page
Sylvia Ho is a human resources lawyer. She's an entrepreneur - and her site is superb. A must-visit for any personnel or human resources question.

Inc. Magazine
This is a great web site for those having trouble developing your business plan.

MIT Enterprise Forum
The Enterprise Forums are a must for anyone seeking serious venture capital. This site had examples, names, dates of meetings, and more.

National Foundation for Women Business Owners
A trade association for women business owners. Fascinating research articles about women and minority businesses. Good links.

Online, real-time assistance from retired executives. Somewhat hit or miss, but improving daily. Worth a visit.

Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration is the first place any small business owner should visit. Their range of services - from counseling to financial guarantees - is very impressive. With the advent of the Small Business Development Center program, their quality rocketed upwards. Any entrepreneur who ignores this resource is being willfully self-destructive.

U.S. Business Advisor
Truthfully labeled "the one-stop electronic link to government."

U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Major resource, especially if you plan to grow a consumer oriented business. Plenty of free information.

US Patent Office
U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Very helpful information for forming a patent.

Starting Your Business
Great resource to help you write up your business plan

A good place if you want to look at some examples of business plans.

American Express
Small business resources to help you complete your plan.

BU461 Waiver
waiver form for non-participating team members

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