East Asian Studies

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Explore the culture, history and languages of East and South Asia as an East Asian Studies minor at Saint Michael's.

You can take courses from the History, Modern Languages and Religious Studies departments that will provide you with a fundamental background in East Asia's cultures and traditions.

From History, take courses such as Traditional East Asia, Modern East Asia, China in the Twentieth Century, Japan and the Modern World, and East Asia and the West.

Japanese language classes starting from the introductory level and progressing all the way to a course on Advanced Conversation are also available to you as an East Asian Studies minor. Plus, you can select from courses offered in the Religious Studies department including Hindu Religious Thought and Buddhist Religious Thought.

Qian Lucy Dong, M.A., Chinese Philology

Chinese Instructor
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Klein Hall 105
Box 276
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M.A., Chinese Philology, Yunnan Normal University, China

Areas of Expertise:

Teaching Chinese as a foreign or second language
Chinese Culture

Courses I Teach:

First Semester Chinese
Second Semester Chinese
Third Semester Chinese
Fourth Semester Chinese
Chinese Culture

Rowena He, M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

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Durick Library 311
Box 384
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Research Associate, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University
B.A., South China Normal University
M.A., University of Toronto
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Areas of Expertise:

Modern and contemporary Chinese history, society, and politics;  Interdisciplinary inquiries into the nexus of history, memory, and power, political socialization, youth values, and social change, and their implications for citizenship, human rights, and democracy; the 1989 Tiananmen Movement and its aftermath; intellectual freedom and censorship; patriotic education and post-89 student nationalism; oral history and life history.

Courses I Teach:

Traditional East Asia
Modern East Asia
Honors Program: Tiananmen in History and Memory
Human Rights in China
Senior Seminar

Joseph Kroger, PhD

Professor of Religious Studies
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Ph.D. McMaster University
M.A. St. Louis University
B. A. University of Dayton

Areas of Expertise and Scholarly Interests:

Christianity’s encounter and dialogue with other cultures and religions; Christianity in Latin America, specifically Liberation Theology in Central America and Catholic Christianity in Mexico; Mesoamerican culture and religion; Philosophical foundations of Hinduism and Buddhism, Michael Polanyi’s Thought on Science and Religion.

Courses I Teach:

  • Aztec Goddesses and Christian Madonnas of Mexico
  • Buddhist Religious Thought
  • Christianity and World Religions in Dialogue
  • Hindu Religious Thought
  • Liberation Theology
  • Varieties of Christianity

Adrie Kusserow, PhD

Professor of Anthropology

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Saint Edmund's Hall 237
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Ph.D. Harvard University (Anthropology)
M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School (Tibetan Buddhism)
B.A. Amherst College, Phi Beta Kappa

Areas of Expertise:

Medical and Psychiatric Anthropology, Refugees, Globalization and Poverty, Modern Day Slavery, Anthropology of Refugees, Anthropology of Religion, Social Class in America, Anthropology of Global Media

Courses I Teach:

  • Culture Illness and Healing
  • Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Refugees
  • Social Inequalities


I am a cultural anthropologist with special interests in refugees, social inequalities, poverty, anthropology of religion, culture, illness and healing, social class, ethnographic poetry and anthropology of the child. I strongly encourage both service work and community engaged learning to be an integral part of my anthropology classes. I am also a strong proponent of study abroad and have taken students to Sudan, Uganda and Bhutan.

Our students often use their skills in their study abroad experience in places like China, Japan, Fiji and Thailand. Our program offers a solid background in East Asia's history so as to provide our students with a familiarity of East Asia's vast cultures and traditions.

In our current global economy, businesses and organizations are always looking for employees who are bilingual, especially in Asian languages such as Japanese. You will have the opportunity to become proficient in Japanese as an East Asian Studies minor at Saint Michael's, which will make you very appealing to future employers.

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