Geographers examine the complex relationship between humans and the Earth through a spatial perspective. Their work is necessarily cross-disciplinary, making this minor concentration a perfect fit at a liberal arts college. It can complement and extend your work in many areas of concentration ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences. Geography courses also feature strongly in the interdisciplinary programs in Global and Environmental Studies.

Geography study at St. Mike's will equip you to analyze, understand and improve the world around you, perhaps as a city or regional planner (the satisfying work of several successful recent graduates) or as a steward and preserver of valuable resources for public or private enterprises. Challenging courses help you analyze problems across traditional disciplinary boundaries, preparing you for an interesting variety of careers or later graduate studies.

By taking human geography at St. Mike's you’ll explore Earth processes, the interaction of humans with their environment, and the organization of human activities as they relate to the spaces where humans live.  In depth, you can examine the complexities of human/environment relations; and the creation and re-creation of places by technology, politics, engineering, nature, science and economics at a variety of scales, from local to global. The discipline also offers one of the central analytical viewpoints on the processes of globalization and Earth Systems: – both hot topics in today's world.