International Relations Major


  • PO245 Introduction to International Relations
  • PO285 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PO200 Research Methods
  • PO410 Senior Seminar (must be international relations themed)

And one of the following:

  • PO120 Introduction to American Government
  • PO261 European Political Thought

And one of the following:

  • PO348 American Foreign Policy
  • PO355 Politics of the World Economy

And three additional political science international relations/comparative politics electives:

  • PO290 Introduction to Canadian Government and Politics
  • PO325 Politics of Food
  • PO340 Social Movements and Contentious Politics
  • PO345 Transitions to Democracy
  • PO348 American Foreign Policy
  • PO350 State Violence and Justice
  • PO351 Politics of the Global AIDS Pandemic
  • PO355 Politics of the World Economy
  • PO360 Film and Politics
  • PO365 Multiculturalism in Theory and Practice
  • PO371 Feminist Political Thought
  • PO385 Comparative European Politics
  • PO390 Comparative Politics of Oppression
  • PO420 Topics: Global Environmental Politics, Indian Democracy, Millennial Development Goals, Global Politics of Water

Breadth or Area Courses:

Four international relations-themed courses in two of the following three breadth areas, at least two of which must be 200 level or higher.


  • EC101 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • EC103 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • EC315 World Economies
  • EC317 International Economics
  • EC321 Economics of Development and Poverty
  • GG101 Introduction to Human Geography
  • GG205 Political Geography
  • GG207 Economic Geography
  • GG211 Geography of Water
  • GG327 Environmental Policy
  • BU271 International Business
  • BU319 International Finance
  • BU443 International Marketing


  • HI105 Early Modern Europe
  • HI107 Modern Europe
  • HI121 Modern Middle East: an Introduction
  • HI143 Modern East Asia
  • HI163 Modern Latin America
  • HI218 History of Modern Ireland
  • HI223 Modern Caribbean History
  • HI335 China in the Twentieth Century
  • HI337 Japan and the Modern World
  • HI339 East Asia and the West
  • HI341 Advanced Topics in East Asian History
  • HI350 Advanced Topics in Islamic History
  • HI397 Advanced Topics in Modern European History
  • HI465 Advanced Topics in Modern Latin American History
  • HU102 Modern Civilization
  • FR313 Topics in Francophone Culture
  • FR315 Topics in French Culture
  • IT313 Topics in Italian Culture
  • JA333 Japanese Culture
  • SP313 Topics in Latin American Culture
  • SP315 Topics in Spanish Culture

Religious Studies/Anthropology/Sociology

  • RS221 World Christianity
  • RS240 Christianity and World Religions in Dialogue
  • RS317 Judaism
  • RS319 Islam
  • RS323 Hindu Religious Thought
  • RS325 Buddhist Religious Thought
  • AN109 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • AN217 Social Inequalities
  • AN235 Peoples and Cultures of the Lusophone World
  • AN327 Anthropological Perspectives on Gender
  • AN333 Anthropology of Refugees
  • AN341 Culture, Illness and Healing

Other Requirements:

  • Foreign Language Component: must have achieved the equivalent of the 206 course level or higher in a foreign language;
  • International Relations Practicum: must participate in an international-relations themed study abroad/faculty-led study away experience, an international relations-themed internship (Vermont Council on World Affairs, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, etc.) or alternative international relations experiential learning activity (MOVE international service trip, etc.).

Note: a student may not double major in Political Science and International Relations.

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