Italian Studies

There's more than one way to look at the world. St. Mike's students who choose to major or minor in Modern Languages often are adventuresome souls with broad interests in literature, history, cuisine, film, customs and the structure of language. Fluency in a second language is a practical and marketable skill, and studying Italian as a minor also will improve your understanding of English because of common Latin roots. Italy has been at the center of the cultural and artistic history of the Western world for two millennia and Italian is widely used in science, music and art, so this minor pairs well with any of those areas as a major. Immersing yourself in Italian culture also will give you the valuable insights of a dual perspective on life and the world.

Geography helps us with that. We're a short drive from the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Montreal. That means you can gain fluency not only from your classes, which emphasize conversation, proper grammar, literature and culture, but also from visits to the theaters, museums or Italian neighborhoods of a multilingual international urban center. Montreal's Italian community is one of the largest in Canada, second only to Toronto. With a quarter-million Montrealers of Italian ancestry, the city has many Italian districts, and Italian is the third most spoken language in Montreal and in the province of Quebec.

Here on campus you'll socialize with our significant cohort of international students. You can spend a semester or year abroad in Italy – few destinations are more appealing. First you'll take a language placement exam to put you at the right starting-point. Then you either can explore Italian for the first time or deepen an existing familiarity with Italian culture. The rich variety of film, literature, music, food and customs of Italy all are in the mix for students in this major.