Mathematics Alumni in Business/Finance/Investment Banking Careers

Erika Kirslis '12

Erika Kirslis '12I am currently working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as an Associate in the Transfer Pricing department. I started working in the transfer pricing group at PwC as an intern the summer before my senior year. After graduating from Saint Michael's in 2012, I accepted a full time position at PwC. Transfer pricing is in the tax practice at PwC and focuses on how related parties price goods, intangible assets, services, and loans as applied to both domestic and international transactions. As an associate, I conduct company, industry, and economic research and participate in functional analysis interviews with clients in order to deliver a transfer pricing report.

My Saint Michael's education, especially through the mathematics department, has provided me with the tools and confidence to succeed in the start of my career. Although my position at PwC does not focus on mathematics, the mathematics department provided me with many opportunities. In addition, the curriculum at St Michaels provided me the work ethic and determination I now use working at PwC.

Anthony Aliquo '09

anthony aliquo I currently hold the position of Marketing Specialist/Loan Officer at AES Lending Direct in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are the internet division of AES Lending, a mortgage company based in Raleigh, NC. I was hired to analyze marketing data and use the results to drive improvements in cost per leads, conversion ratios, and online advertising. I analyze customer data to set up relevant email marketing campaigns and continue to develop our website’s SEO. I also manage a budget and work with customers on mortgage inquiries. As for upcoming education plans, I was recently accepted into the Masters of Science in Accountancy program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and plan to start taking classes in the summer of 2012. Saint Michael's College helped me prepare for a tough job market with a liberal arts education and an understanding of mathematics that has made me employable. I am a more aware and educated person from this experience, and I am very grateful for that. I spend a lot of time in my current position analyzing data so a math background is helpful. In addition to education, Saint Michael's College was valuable for networking opportunities. My first two jobs after college were the result of a SMC connection.

Lauren E. Remmes '07

lauren remmesAt my new job, I have been promoted to Supervising Business Analyst, the manager for Liberty Mutual Insurance Group's Sales Bonus Compensation group. Basically our group works to calculate the compensation and bonuses for sales reps, managers, etc. based on the compensation plans set forth at the beginning of the year. We use different types of analytics to calculate several types of bonuses. We use programs such as excel, brio, and access. We also perform cost-benefit analyses to ensure we are on target for the current and following fiscal years. My role has taken on some more work with our IT Systems group. I will be assisting with providing the business knowledge so they can update our proprietary compensation system's coding to account for changes in the comp plans.

Currently, I am also enrolled at Suffolk University taking classes part-time at night and after work towards my MBA, with hopes of finishing May 2013. Not only has my math degree helped me advance my career post Saint Michael's, it also has provided me with a solid foundation for graduate school.

Chris Higgins '06

chris higgins

I am working in the financial district of Boston as an Investment Associate at UBS Financial Services. I have my Series 7 and Series 63 Licenses, and I became a CFA charterholder in October of 2010 (the CFA program is a graduate level program for investment professionals). I am also a member of the CFA Institute and the Boston Security Analysts Society. Some of my job responsibilities include: putting together asset allocation models for existing clients; entering and executing both fixed income and equity trades; putting together marketing pieces to present to existing/prospective clients; tracking all of our equity and mutual fund holdings. My responsibilities continue to increase, which I like. I now join the senior person on our team on more meetings with our larger clients and will do solo meetings in the office if he is not around. I also write market commentary every month for some of our larger, institutional clients. I'm glad I have a liberal arts degree because that forced me to do a lot of writing and in addition to all those math proofs!

I would say taking challenging math courses (almost all of them are challenging) really develops one's problem solving skills and one's ability to analyze very complicated problems. Finance is a very complex field that requires exactly the type of analytical skills I developed at Saint Michael's in the math department. Any job in finance requires excellent quantitative skills, which is exactly what the math professors gave to me. I would also add in that the degree in mathematics helped me immensely in studying for the CFA as statistics were a component of all three exams. Finance also uses the same Greek letters as math, like sigma, delta, gamma, etc. so I wasn't confused by all the new jargon but was actually very comfortable with it.

Matt Baker '97

matt bakerI have been at the Chittenden Bank, a division of People's United Bank, for 11 years. I am a Business Analyst in Burlington, VT, where my daily activities include system analysis, business performance reporting, project coordination, and system application security among other various responsibilities.

I find that my math background from Saint Michael's, along with the support and expertise from all of the professors in the math department, has given me the knowledge and opportunity to succeed. At Chittenden, we are currently working on a system core conversion which will take us into spring of 2010. I find it a great challenge to coordinate and integrate our current structures and procedures into a new system architecture, but know that I have the tools to get it done. I must admit though, that the true application of 'Real Analysis' out in the real world for me has been learning what 'limits' my kids can push me to before I give in and spoil them. It ends not being a very complex problem the end. They always win!

Jamie Pitney '95

james pitneyI have recently joined RBS Citizens Bank as a Vice President in their Change Management organization. In this role, I am responsible for facilitating change for the bank, primarily though the delivery of technology projects. Specifically, I oversee new demand of projects and associated capital dollar allocation. I was previously with Fidelity Investments for 12 years in various roles including product and marketing management as well as finance and operations. I also had a brief stint with Deutsche Bank – Scudder Investments in their mutual fund operations department. I completed my MBA from Clark University (Worcester, MA) in 2000.

My mathematics education from Saint Michael's was very important to my career. Overall, I have had a much stronger and more comfortable understanding of numbers, in general, than most. A good and recent example is with my most recent role. In trying to retain stock options as assets, we were first trying to figure a way to help the exec maximize the value of the options. The Black-Shoals model is a common way to value stock options. Using that in the service model and customer strategy (and understanding how it worked) was very important.

You can visit my LinkedIn profile page and see my full career path. I would highly recommend that recent or soon to be graduates start to build their profile page and "get connected" to the Saint Michael's Alumni LinkedIn group. It's a great way to network with alumni in their professions.

Michele Williams Hudson '95

michele hudsonI am currently a Principal Business Analyst – Technology Training for Liberty International Underwriters. I will be creating a technology training strategy and implementing structure around the technology training process for Liberty Mutual’s International Underwriting division. In addition, I will be providing instructional design and development for new courses in both instructor-led and web-based formats. We provide training and assist with reference documents for the software systems that are used in the field to research and generate insurance policies for special business needs.

I am two classes into my MBA at Suffolk University, after having taken various master's level classes over the years on topics that were relevant to the jobs I held at those times.

In addition to my mathematics education at Saint Mike’s, I also took a few computer science courses and focused on secondary Education. This combination was very well supported by all of my professors and has led me in some very interesting career directions. I have actually applied my statistics courses as a Statistical Process Control trainer and analyst. I have had the chance to merge my technical and teaching backgrounds through various IT software training positions, including the position I am now in. In addition, my well-rounded education from Saint Mike’s has allowed me to hold management and leadership training positions, where I created and facilitated training on subjects ranging from coaching employees to interviewing job candidates. I am certain that the wealth of opportunities and well-rounded education that I received at Saint Mike’s has been a key factor in allowing me this career flexibility.

Eric Caputo '92

eric caputoI am Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. I completed a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Vermont, an MBA at Northeastern University, and I have worked in transfer pricing for more than 12 years. My projects include: establishing global cost sharing and intangible property migration strategies (for multi-billion dollar manufacturers of semiconductors and pharmaceutical and consumer products); performing economic analysis relating to intellectual property structuring and migration (for software developers and other manufacturers); and preparing transfer pricing support (for IRS audits, advance pricing agreements, and competent authority proceedings).

One thing I've learned is that having a strong quantitative background and education is immensely valuable for any career. Although I may not daily use my college and graduate mathematics directly in my job, the solid foundation and training that I received at Saint Michael's College has benefited me throughout my career.