Data and Statistical Analysis

Meaghan Leong '14


I started working at the Verizon Innovation Labs, located in Waltham, MA, in June 2014. My current job title is Member of Technical Staff (MTS) of Video Network Planning. My role is to create network plans and other documentation for new systems and projects related to Verizon FiOS, specifically the Video On Demand platform. Additionally, it is my responsibility to act as a point of contact between third party vendors (Cisco, HP, and others) and Verizon's engineers. I am also involved with managing network requests and network security for Verizon's internal lab network in Waltham.

My Saint Michael's mathematics education has helped me thrive in projects involving big data. I am constantly asked to perform big data analysis on small side projects because of my math background. Those opportunities have allowed me to join many of the diverse and innovative projects Verizon is working on. I want to continue my mathematics education and I hope to some day earn my masters degree.

Rob Hammond '13


I am currently an Analyst at Risk Management Solutions, a catastrophic risk modeling firm in Hoboken, NJ. I am concurrently enrolled in a part time M.S. in Data Science program at New York University where I will be exploring connections between data science, environmental conservation, and policy. Starting after the completion of my junior year, and continuing through the summer after my graduation, I interned as a Corporate Actuarial Intern at National Life Insurance Company in Montpelier, VT where I devised methods to capture and test specific data inputs against select in-force policy illustrations to ensure modeling accuracy between the incoming and existing actuarial softwares.

Following graduation, I moved to Scotland for a year and explored the scenery and the Scotch Whisky industry to which I became certified in its sales and service. Now that I have returned to the U.S. I have been working at RMS with (re)insurance clients to assess their quantifiable catastrophic risk for specific books of business. Working with datasets containing anywhere from one to millions of records I cleanse the data, import into our RiskLink software and apply any financial structures, and preform an analysis. Subsequently, I simplify the results and the client's exposures into a digestible format, then I deliver and present it to the client giving insight into where there greatest risks can be found.

The mathematics degree from Saint Michael's helped me prepare for my career. Through the various core courses and especially the elective courses I have been able to pique my interests in the applicability of mathematics. The most important aspects were the opportunities to present my research and participate in real-world applicable mathematics discourse outside of the classroom at various symposia and conferences.

Cody Rock '11

cody rock

I am a Public Health Analyst for the State of Vermont, working for the Department of Health's Immunization Registry Program in downtown Burlington, VT. My main duties include conducting ad-hoc and standing data and statistical analysis tasks as requested from the IMR manager and other clients around the state, assist in data quality and import tasks, and provide support on multiple levels in the Immunization Registry team, including interacting with clients, practices, and health insurers from the area. I am also a graduate of the University of Vermont's Master of Science in Statistics program, from which I graduated in May of 2013.

My mathematics education was a tremendous help in preparation for graduate school and for my career as an analyst for the State of Vermont. The principles that I was taught definitely gave me a leg up, both in graduate school and beyond. I could not be more happy and proud to be a graduate of the Saint Michael's College mathematics program. Go, Purple Knights!

Dan Lewis '10

Dan Lewis

In August 2012, I finished the Entrepreneurship for Science, Technology, and Engineering Masters (ESTEEM) program at Notre Dame. On the top level, the program focuses on bridging the gap between the entrepreneurial/business side of things with the technical/scientific side of things. enFocus is a year long fellowship that started 2 days after I finished ESTEEM back in August.

We focus on economic development through revitalization of existing larger organizations in the region. That happens through a consulting model. We also dedicate time to pure community projects, and some time is for professional development/new ventures/commercialization.

My projects have been in 2 areas. Both projects are very exciting.

  • Community health, my colleague and I designed an innovative community health program based on incentives and rewards tailored for the uninsured/low socio-economic status demographic of diabetics in the area. The program has 2 goals: reduce hospital bottom line costs due to ER readmissions and improve community health. We believe that the program can be replicated for other high-cost disease states such as congestive heart failure.
  • Communications and rebranding for the South Bend Community School Corporation. We are redesigning their entire website. Lots of interaction at the schools and managing the principals is involved to gather all the necessary marketable information.

Jordan Scampoli '08

jordan scampoli

I am a Senior Pricing Analyst with Level 3 Communications, a global network services provider with one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe. As an analyst, I have been primarily responsible for data mining and analysis, as well as delivering reporting to stakeholders from the analyst level through the Board of Directors on the projects our team has undertaken. I am frequently called upon to develop, mine and produce ad hoc analyses and reports for the myriad of complex global products and internal business operations our team consults on.

My math and economics coursework from St. Mike's taught me both analytic and statistical skills that I use every day, but more than that, it instilled in me an appreciation of digging into a topic. Having a strong quantitative background has been invaluable. Even with no work experience, a math degree shows a potential employer that you have a strong ability to understand and digest complex ideas. Going to St. Mike's also ensured I had a healthy work/life balance, and I try to spend as much time mountain biking and exploring Colorado’s backcountry as I can.

Allie Levesque '08

allie levesque

I work as a Healthcare Data Analyst at the Northern New England Accountable Care Collaborative (NNEACC). As an analyst, I use SAS and work with several forms of health data including administrative claims, lab, medications, EMR and patient-entered information. I am responsible for completing analyses to understand clinical and financial outcomes (like overall patient costs, readmission rates, etc.) for patients with medical conditions of interest. Right now, NNEACC focuses on several chronic and surgical conditions, and I primarily work on Heart Failure. The overall goal is to better understand practices that result in the best outcomes and share this information with organizations as they transition to deliver value-based care.

My mathematics education at Saint Michael's has certainly helped me get to where I am today. At Saint Michael's, we were required to take certain math courses as part of the degree requirements but were also given some flexibility in exploring topics of interest in math. This mix provides a good foundation for everyone but also leaves room for students to discover what part of math is most fascinating to them as individuals. I first became interested in statistics at St. Michael's which led me to a Master's degree in Statistics and then a career in data and statistical analysis The math education at Saint Michael's has not only helped me in my career path; it has allowed me to solve problems and think critically outside of work and the classroom. I have also taken away with me a set of tools and skills that allow me to learn on my own and think for myself - important for anywhere life may take me.

Kate Morrow '08

kate morro

Currently I am working as a Statistical Programmer for the Vermont Oxford Network. I write SAS code to investigate the network’s data. Usually the information I gain from investigations is used to send reports to clients, further a research project, or improve the accuracy of our data.

The varied math courses that Saint Michael’s offered allowed me to discover the areas of mathematics that I enjoyed the most, which led me to pursue a graduate degree. The math courses I took at Saint Michael’s provided a strong mathematical foundation when I entered graduate school. The mathematical education I received at Saint Michael’s helped me in my graduate school courses, but the analytical skills I developed have proven to be an invaluable asset at my job. I don’t necessarily use math or statistics for every given problem, but I have to solve problems constantly. I completed my MS in Statistics at UVM in 2010.

Maureen Burgess Coccaro '03

maureen coccaro

I am currently a Lead Data Analyst at Wellpoint Inc. in North Haven, CT. I am working in the Center of Excellence in Transplants, Bariatric, Cardiac and Complex Cancers Division. This division researches and sets guidelines for Transplant, Cardiac, Bariatric and Complex Cancer Facilities and Hospitals across the country for all Wellpoint, Inc. owned Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields. We use statistical regression modeling to analyze the success rates of transplant surgeries, Bariatric surgeries, Cardiac surgeries and complex cancer treatments in quality designated facilities versus non-designated facilities. Based on this analysis Wellpoint negotiates contract rates at each quality designated facility for each of these specific procedures. I think many people have a negative perception of the Health Insurance Industry. This is an example of Wellpoint (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield) improving the care people receive.

I am in the process of completing my MBA at UConn School of Business.

More than anything my Saint Michael's Math degree provided me with a strong analytical and quantitative background. This background opens doors in many different ways. It shows you have the ability to learn complex topics, which is an asset to many industries and therefore beneficial in any career.

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