Mathematics Alumni in Operations/Administrative Careers

Kathryn Ennist '06

kathryn ennist

I am an InSightOne Administration Associate at UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) Financial Services in Weehawken, NJ. InSightOne is a specific type of secondary product that people can add onto their current investment accounts. I work at the home office and am considered a service representative. This means that it is my job to take requests from branch offices to terminate, link or manually convert accounts. There is a lot of back and forth between myself and the branches that I am assigned, making sure that everything is taken care of correctly.

My Saint Michael's education helped me prepare for my career path by giving me not only specific knowledge in a field, but also the ability to interact with people in a meaningful way. When I interviewed for my job at UBS, my manager was not only impressed with my resume (my academic knowledge), but also with the way that I conducted myself during the interview. I think that Saint Michael's was responsible for both and a big reason I got my job.

Amanda White '03

amanda white

I am a Power Analyst at Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA). My main duty is Daily Resource Planning, which includes customer load and electricity price forecasting, resource scheduling, power trading, and communication with Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) and ISO-New England. Other duties include monthly billing allocations per customer as well as Power Budgets, Rate Cases, and Resource Reports.

My Saint Michael's mathematics education has helped me in many ways. The mathematics experience as a whole has equipped me with "tools" to make my job easier. It has prepared me to be more systematic in my work and has helped me find helpful relationships between numbers. Also, it has better equipped me to be a problem-solver, especially when it comes to formulas in spreadsheets.

Ryan O'Sullivan '02

ryan o'sullivan

I am an Operations Analyst with Moet Hennessy USA, the champagne and cognac division of the French luxury goods company LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, working in the meatpacking district of NYC. I work with many respected brands: Hennessy, Veuve Clicquot, Belvedere, Grand Marier and Dom Perignon to name a few, coordinating shipments of our high value products that are in short supply and high demand. I also analyze information flow through our various MIS systems to ensure compatibility and to reconcile any reporting issues. My department puts our marketing team’s plans into action and supplies our sales force with accurate and timely sales goals and product availability information.

A math degree from Saint Michael's College is extremely valuable in New York City. There are so many corporate headquarters and financial institutions desperate for extremely numerically literate individuals. In the last two weeks I have indexed off of unique Database keys, inverted matrices, done a lot of isomorphism mapping, and had to find the most efficient way to pack bottles of Dom into a container. I use combinatorics, set theory, logic, a bit of calculus, and a lot of excel and SAP. A math degree from Saint Michael's is really a resume characteristic that sets you apart from every other applicant in the business world and makes employers take notice.

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