Requesting Transcripts

Transcripts are the complete and official record of academic activity at Saint Michael's College. Official transcripts are issued by the Registrar's Office. "Official" means that the transcript bears the registrar's signature and a raised seal, and that it is sent from the Registrar's Office directly to the party that should receive it. A $5.00 fee is charged for each copy ($10.00 for emergency service, where transcripts are sent out - by regular mail - the following business day). There is no charge for unofficial copies of a transcript.

Students on campus may order copies of their transcript by completing a form in the Registrar's Office, Founders Hall, Room 112.

Graduates and former students may order transcripts by completing a transcript request form or by sending a signed, written request that includes your name, the name under which you attended (if different), your Social Security Number, dates of attendance, and graduation date. The request should also include a complete address where you would like the transcript sent.

Mail requests:

Registrar's Office
Saint Michael's College
One Winooski Park
Colchester, VT 05439

Please include a check for the appropriate amount ($5.00 per copy or $10.00 for rush service) made out to Saint Michael's College.

Fax requests: In cases where transcripts are needed quickly, requests may be sent by fax to 802.654.2690. The request should include the information indicated above. Please mail the check to the Registrar's Office.

Phone requests: Transcripts may NOT be requested by phone. In order to protect students' privacy rights, we must receive a signed request before releasing transcripts.

Students and former students who have "holds" for reasons such as unpaid fees, unreturned library materials, etc. will not receive transcript service until the reasons for the hold are satisfied.

Trinity College Transcripts
Saint Michael's College serves as the repository for academic records of students who attended Trinity College in Burlington, Vermont. Those ordering Trinity College transcripts should follow the instructions given above, and should be sure to indicate that they are requesting Trinity College records.

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