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Transfer Students

Saint Michael's College is an inviting community and welcomes applications from qualified students who wish to transfer from their former or present institution.

Transfer Admission Requirements

To be accepted as a transfer student at Saint Michael's College, you must be in good academic and administrative standing at your former or present institution, preferably with a 3.0 or better in rigorous liberal arts courses.

All students who transfer must be in residence at least two years preceding their graduation. Of the total credits required for a Saint Michael's College degree, a minimum of 64 credits must be earned at Saint Michael's College, including at least 18 credits in their major. A maximum of four courses may transfer to count toward a student's major. As a student approaches graduation, 24 of the final 32 credits must be taken at Saint Michael's College.

Transferring Credit

Credit may be transferred for work completed at accredited colleges with a grade of C- or better, provided that the courses correspond to offerings at Saint Michael's. Credits are considered for transfer only if an official transcript of such credits is submitted by the applicant prior to admission.

A transfer student may be required to pass an examination to determine his/her readiness to enter a course or program. No advanced standing is officially recorded by the registrar until the transferred student has successfully completed one full year at Saint Michael's College. The remaining requirements to be fulfilled by transfer students to qualify for graduation from Saint Michael's will be determined on an individual basis.

Transfer Application Deadlines

Spring Enrollment - still accepting applications
Fall Enrollment - March 15

Next Steps

To apply as a new transfer candidate, you must submit the following:

  1. Common Application (Transfer form).
  2. Saint Michael's College Member Questions and Writing Supplement Sections
  3. $50 application fee
  4. Official final high school transcript
  5. Official college transcript(s)
  6. Transfer College Report (available on Common Application)

Transfer applicants should submit the undergraduate application, indicating all previous course work and accounting for time spent away from formal education. Transfer applicants are not required to submit test scores or professor recommendations but they will be considered if included with the application. You may be asked to submit a mid-semester grade report during the decision process.

Re-applicants: If you have applied to Saint Michael's College in the last two years, you may reapply by submitting an Application Reactivation Form as well as your final high school transcript and official college transcript.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

All accepted transfer candidates are considered for both merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid (with submission of the FAFSA). If you have been previously accepted within the last two years, your original Saint Michael's College grants and scholarships will be reinstated.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Michelle Teegarden 
Senior Associate Director of Admission and Transfer Coordinator

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