Alumni Admission Training Information

Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in an admission activity for the Office of Admission. We appreciate your support of our efforts. Before your admission activity, please review the following materials to familiarize yourself with the most current information:

Highlights to Discuss with Prospective Students and Parents
Quick Facts sheet
Common Application Information
Financial Aid Information
Resources for Students With Needs
Study Abroad Information
Frequently Asked Questions

College Fair Program

One of the most important ways of introducing Saint Michael's College to prospective students and their parents is through the college fair program that you are about to conduct. The role of the college representative (admission staff member or alumni admission volunteer) during these programs should be that of an interested and understanding advocate of Saint Michael's College. Your goal should be to provide students and families with information about Saint Michael's.

College Fair Kit Check List

College Fair Guidelines

  • Please plan to arrive at the college fair at least one half hour before the starting time. Be sure to check in at the registration table.
  • During the program, please respond to the students and families who visit the table. Encourage them to fill out an inquiry card and give admission materials. Respond to questions. Remember that no one knows all of the answers and if a student or parent is curious about topic which is unfamiliar to you, admit that you do not know the answer and offer to secure the information. You can call Kristin at 1-800-762-8000.
  • At the end of the evening complete the Contact Report Sheet. Return the Contact Report Sheet, completed inquiry cards, tablecloth, majors/minors board, purple folder with nametag,  and leftover materials in the enclosed self-addressed bubble envelope.

Alumni Interview Program

The alumni interview is an opportunity to exchange information. We learn more about a student's high school experience and they learn more about Saint Michael's College. It is a great opportunity to share with him/her the benefits of a Saint Michael's education!

Interview Kit Checklist
Interview Sheet
Possible Interview Questions

Interview Guidelines

  • Scheduling the interview: Discuss with the prospective student a day, date, time and location that is convenient to meet for the interview.
  • The night before the interview please read through the admission publications to brush up on basic information. Also review the Quick Facts, Common Application Sheet, and Highlights to Discuss. They address many of the questions you may be asked during the interview. The Possible Interview Questions sheet will serve as a guideline for the interview. Please read the questions.
  • Remember, no one knows all of the answers and if a student is curious about some aspect of the College, which is unfamiliar to you, admit that you do not know the answer and offer to secure the information. You may also refer them to the admission office 1-800-SMC-8000 or
  • After the interview, please summarize your thoughts about the interview on the back of the interview sheet. If you feel comfortable, please rate the student’s Academic Qualifications and Personal Qualities using the ratings provided on the Interview Evaluation Form. Return the interview and evaluation sheets in the self-addressed envelope provided in the packet.
  • It is important to note that though we can explain the admission process and describe the academic profile of students who currently attend Saint Michael's, admission decisions are the responsibility of the admission committee. As such, it is our policy to refrain from any comments about the student's chances of being accepted to the College, and let the student reach his or her own conclusion based on our published admission information.

Saint Michael's College Book Award Presentation

The Saint Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience is a wonderful illustration of our Mission. We value the opportunity to recognize high school juniors who have done well academically and have a commitment to community service. We want to recognize those students who want to make the world a better place.

Thank you for agreeing to present the Saint Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience at the high school award ceremony. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the award ceremony begins and check with the coordinator of the event where you should be seated. Once you have presented the book award please do not feel obligated to stay for the entire event.

Be sure to read the following text at the awards ceremony:

Book Award Presentation Text

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