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Summer Registration Day

A Summer Registration Day allows you to meet with a faculty academic advisor to begin your academic planning process and select courses for the fall semester. You'll have the opportunity to meet with some current students and staff members who will talk openly about out-of-the-classroom experiences.

While Summer Registration Days are optional, we highly recommend your participation. They provide opportunity to register for your own classes, meet other incoming and upper level students, professors, and student life staff in person, and spend time getting to know our campus. Summer Registration days are paired with our summer orientation programs. For those of you who find it impossible to attend a Summer Registration Day, your registration will occur by email to your Saint Michael's account or by mail.

Summer Registration Days consist of a short opening program and a small group session with an entrance advisor. Your advisor will give you your options for courses and programs of study, help you with the registration process, and answer any questions you have about your first semester.

We appreciate the fact that the 9:00 a.m. starting time may be hard for those of you living some distance from the campus. Unfortunately we are unable to offer you accommodations on campus. There are several hotels and motels nearby for those of you who would prefer to arrive the night before your Summer Registration Day. Afternoon sessions are available, but some optional summer orientation programs require a morning start.

Please look over the course material in the New Student Guide before coming to your Summer Registration Day. You must bring the New Student Guide with you for course registration. Once we receive your registration form (Form I), we will send you an email to your Saint Michael's account or a postcard by mail confirming the date. There is no charge for Summer Registration Day.

Language Proficiency

We require graduates to demonstrate proficiency in a second language. If you have studied French or Spanish, you should take the online WebCape placement exam at least three days before you arrive for Summer Registration Day. If you have studied any other language, you will be tested for that language on campus. These language assessments will help us determine the most appropriate placement level for you at the time you enroll in language study. If you score at an intermediate level of proficiency or higher, you will be exempt from further required study of a second language. If you score at the beginning level, you will be required to take an intermediate level course; if the assessment shows you need full language study, you will take eight credits of a language.

Calculus Requirement

If you know or think you will be majoring in a field that requires calculus, you should take the Online Placement Test at least one day before arriving for your Summer Registration Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends Summer Registration Day?

We welcome our incoming first-year and transfer students and their parents. Students will receive a schedule of their day when they arrive on campus.

What happens at Summer Registration Day?

  • Students attend a group advising meeting
  • Academic advisors assist students through the class registration process
  • Students will be presented with opportunities to learn about the Saint Michael's community and to meet other first-year students and community members

Does my choice of the first, second, or third Summer Registration Day affect my course registration?

No. All students have the same registration opportunities regardless of attendance. We reserve the same number of class seats in each course section for the three Summer Registration Days and for the group of students who do not come to campus for registration.


All Summer Registration Day and optional programs tend to fill up very quickly, so we recommend you return this registration form to us as soon as possible. Programs fill on a first-come, first-served basis, based on space availability by gender. Even if you do not plan to attend a Summer Registration Day, you must complete and return Form I.

For Parents

Parents who choose to attend will have a short program introducing them to campus services and have an opportunity to visit campus offices open during advising and registration sessions.

Payment and Fees

Summer Registration Days are free. Optional programs carry a fee. Please include a check for your first-choice Optional Program.


You will be notified of your Summer Registration date and optional program date via an email sent to your Saint Michael's College account or a postcard mailed to your home address.

Optional Programs Waitlist

If programs are full and you are not able to be placed in an optional program, you will be placed on a waitlist. Checks will be returned if you are not selected for an optional program.

Optional Program Openings

In the event that an optional program has openings and the waitlist for that program has been exhausted, staff will contact students on other optional program waitlists based on order of application received, gender, etc. to ascertain interest. For example, if you requested POW and POW is full, you would be put on a waitlist for POW. If WOW has openings and has exhausted its waitlist, you might be contacted to see if you would like to participate in a WOW program instead.

Cancellation Policy for Optional Programs

Cancellation policies vary for the POW, Community Service Weekend, SOAR, Knight Overnight, and WOW programs, and are at the discretion of each program's director. Fee refunds are not guaranteed upon cancellation.

For specific questions about Summer Registration Day, contact:

Jane Viens
Office of the Associate Dean

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