Visa Information

Once you receive your I-20, you will need to make arrangements to apply for your Student Visa (F-1). You should contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to make an appointment to obtain your F-1 Student Visa. Many Embassies and Consulates require that application forms be completed online and that appointments are scheduled in the same manner. The following website provides Embassy/Consulate information:

It will be necessary for you to pay the SEVIS fee prior to your visa appointment. Payment information is at Be sure to print a copy of the SEVIS fee recipt before you end your program. You will need to use a credit card to make payment of the SEVIS fee online.

If you think you will be travelling to Canada during your stay in the United States, you should contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country to ask if it is necessary for you to have a Canadian Tourist Visa. If a visa is necessary, obtain the visa before you leave the country.

In Country Advice


For free advice and guidance, visit your local Education USA Advising Center. Education USA staff will help you to prepare for your visa interview. There is no cost for their services.

Education USA also provides free pre-departure orientations as well as general advice about living and studying in the USA.

Saint Michael's strongly recommends that you visit your local center as soon as possible.

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