Musicologist Neil Lerner

Saint Michael's College presents a talk by Musicologist Neil Lerner: "Mario's Dynamic Leaps: Musical Innovations and Backwards Glances in Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros," at 4 p.m., in the Roy Event Room (third floor of new Dion Family Student Center on campus). Nintendo’s two ground-breaking games from 1980s arcades and home systems are both justifiably lauded for pioneering innovations of the platform game genre, but their music also deserves attention, says Lerner. They present important case studies in the ways video game music was beginning to change in that era, drawing from the past by evoking musical gestures, styles and techniques from early 20th century cinema, and from the future in the groundbreaking uses of tonally and motivically-related cues. Lerner teaches in the Music Department at Davidson College in North Carolina, where he also coordinates the Film and Media Studies concentration. He publishes books and articles and teaches on topics relating to music in screen media, including film, TV and video games. He just completed a three-year term as editor of the journal American Music (University of Illinois Press). He co-edited Music in Video Games: Studying Play, which appears in print this winter.

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