Working to Build Community

Our community-building programs mean that you can get involved with working alongside groups of people whose needs aren't often met to the fullest extent and who often aren't a priority to our society. Elders, people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities, those who are homeless or hungry, and New Americans who are coming to make a life here are all connected to each other, and we are to them. When one suffers, we all suffers. When one rejoices, there is reason for us all to rejoice.

Be present with these programs and be reminded of our connection.

Best Buddies

The mission of Best Buddies is "to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships." It is our hope as members of Best Buddies to recognize the innate dignity in every human being by promoting awareness and integration through our events.

Saint Michael's College hosts the only Best Buddies program in the state of Vermont. It is a student-run chapter, through which college students are partnered with physically and/or mentally challenged adults from the community. Volunteers often meet as a group and participate in a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Special events include a holiday party, a Halloween dance and most recently a Best Buddies Art Show!

For more information about the Saint Michael's College volunteer program Best Buddies, contact Emma Testone '17. 

Corrections Vollyball Program

It is the mission of the Corrections Volleyball program to help in the rehabilitation of the CRCF residents through physical activity and interaction. We also strive to break stereotypes and widen the view of our volunteers.

Correctional Volleyball is a program in which volunteers have the opportunity to visit the Chittenden County Correctional Facility and play volleyball with the residents in a safe and friendly environment. This program is offered several times a week and no long-term commitments are required.

While the title seems intimidating, Correctional Volleyball has risen to be one of MOVE's most popular programs with students. It allows for the combination of recreational activity with service and the program is greatly appreciated by the correctional facility.

For more information about the Saint Michael's College volunteer program Corrections Volleyball, contact Brianna Jones '17.

Lund Family Center

It is the mission of MOVE's Lund Family Center program to develop authentic relationships with the women and children at Lund through consistent support, communication, and active engagement. In remaining open to expanding our role with the organization, we hope to continue educating ourselves and the SMC community about homelessness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, psychological instabilities, and the power of rehabilitation.

The Lund program takes volunteers once a week to the Lund Family Residential Center. This is a rehabilitation center for pregnant or parenting mothers between the ages of 14-27. Through this program, our volunteers interact with women who are struggling, or have struggled, with substance abuse.

Volunteers may help out once, or throughout their time at Saint Michael's. Typically, we help with respite needs and participate in various activities with the mothers and their children. In the past, students have scrapbooked and baked with mothers and children as well as babysat the younger children in the play lab.

If you like babies and/or arts and crafts then you will love this program! For more information, contact Evelyn Knight '18.

Senior Citizens

Who says hanging out with senior citizens isn't fun? It is a blast! The Senior Citizen program travels to a local nursing home each week. Volunteers play bingo, talk about current events and spend time with local seniors. You can join us once or come every visit if you choose!

In the fall, we host a "Senior" Prom with music, food, and dancing. We even crown a King and Queen!

For more information about working with the Senior Citizen program, contact Rhianna Jones '17.

Our mission is to provide the migrant farmworker population of Vermont with opportunities for education and community as well as raise awareness about migrant right and justice on the SMC and UVM campuses. For more information contact Samantha Tremblay '17.

Our mission is to advocate for social justice, particularly in the context of hunger and homelessness, by raising awareness, directly addressing needs in the community, and facilitating the growth of relationships between volunteers and the community. For more information contact Emily Schuchman '18.

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