Planning, Policies and Procedures

Samye MonastaryIt is best to begin the study abroad planning and application process at least two semesters before going abroad. One semester is for researching study abroad options; the second is for preparing and submitting the required application materials.

Do Your Research

  1. Review the list of Approved Study Abroad Programs.
  2. Speak with program representatives when they host information tables in Alliot.
  3. Attend presentations by study abroad returnees.
  4. Go to the Study Abroad Fair in February and ask program representatives questions about countries, courses and program offerings.

Meet with your academic advisor

  1. Review your course history, plan for graduation, and understand possible constraints.
  2. Review your transcript for GPA, course requirements (major/minor/LSC), and sequencing of courses.
  3. Confirm courses you need to take in order to graduate. Speak with your advisor about classes you may be required to take on campus (and not abroad).
  4. Choose the best semester or time to study off-campus
  5. Confirm that your department supports your plan for study abroad

Be aware of SMC Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements

  1. Only students in good academic and social standing are eligible to study abroad.
  2. Students must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for semester programs. Some program providers may require a higher GPA for certain programs or destinations. GPA requirements vary for summer and short-term programs.
  3. Consideration of a student's disciplinary record is part of the Study Abroad application review process. Students may not participate in study abroad while on disciplinary probation.

Make your decision based on academic and personal goals

Complete and submit two applications:

  1. Apply for approval to study abroad through Saint Michael's College:
    Download the Study Abroad Application Forms or pick up a packet from the Study Abroad Office. Submit completed application materials to the Study Abroad Office for approval to study abroad. Application deadline dates are strictly adhered to and late applications are not considered.
  2. After receiving approval to study abroad by SMC, apply for acceptance to a university or a program:
    Application materials are sent (by the student) directly to a program provider. Most program applications are available on-line and submitted electronically.

Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting organized by the Study Abroad Office