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Study Abroad Possibilities

camelThe programs listed below have been pre-approved by Saint Michael's College and offer a wide range of destinations and study opportunities. Choose a program by location, language, or academic offerings.

  1. Language Programs can provide skills for completing the Second Language Proficiency Requirement for languages taught at Saint Michael's (Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, or Italian) or for developing skills in another language. Students with higher language proficiency can take content courses in the target language.
  2. University Programs offer a wide variety of liberal studies courses taught at international universities. Students interested in building upon language skills acquired through study at Saint Michael's College are strongly encouraged to do so. Most universities offer language instruction at a variety of levels, and students with advanced language proficiency will find ample opportunities to enroll in courses and programs taught exclusively in the host language and often with native speakers of the language.
  3. Internship Programs allow students to test potential professions by taking a full-semester of courses plus an extensive academic internship in a specific field of study (e.g. business, psychology, or journalism).
  4. Field Study Programs provide students with a hands-on academic semester, often in developing countries. Theme-based programs often focus on global issues such as global health, human rights, environmental policy, and peace and conflict studies.
  5. Academic Study Trips are developed and led by SMC faculty. These programs, generally 2-4 weeks in length, introduce students to unique academic topics and cultures. Program offerings change from year to year as new courses are developed based on student and faculty interest.

Africa and the Middle East

Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Ghana Accra Social Transformation and Cultural Expression SIT
Jordan Amman Modernization and Social Change SIT
Health and Community Development SIT
Madagascar Antananarivo Urbanization and Rural Development  SIT
Fort Dauphin Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management SIT
Morocco Rabat Field Studies in Journalism and New Media SIT
Multiculturalism and Human Rights SIT
Migration and Transnational Identity SIT
Republic of Guinea Kankan Arts and Culture of West Africa (Fall) Antioch
Rwanda Kigali Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding SIT
Senegal Dakar National Identity and the Arts SIT
South Africa Cape Town Multiculturalism and Human Rights SIT
University of Cape Town Arcadia
University of the Western Cape Arcadia
Durban Social and Political Transformation SIT
Community Health and Social Policy SIT
Stellenbosch University of Stellenbosch AIFS, Arcadia
Tanzania Arusha Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology SIT
Rhotia Wildlife Management Studies SFS
Zanzibar Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management SIT
Tunisia Tunis Emerging Identities in North Africa SIT
Uganda Gulu Post Conflict Transformation SIT
Kampala Development Studies SIT

Asia - Oceania

Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Bhutan Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition SFS
China Beijing SU Beijing Program SU Abroad
Popular Culture and Social Change Alliance
Intensive Chinese Language Alliance
Hong Kong SU Hong Kong Program SU Abroad
Kunming Language, Cultures and Ethnic Minorities SIT
Shanghai 21st Century City Alliance
Intensive Chinese Language  Alliance
International Business in China Alliance
Xi’an Xi’an and the Silk Road Alliance
India Bodh Gaya Buddhist Studies (Fall) Antioch
Hyderabad University of Hyderabad AIFS
Jaipur Sustainable Development and Social Change SIT
Manipal Global and Public Health Alliance
New Delhi Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and Community SIT
National Identity and the Arts SIT
Varanasi The City, The River, The Sacred Alliance
Pune Contemporary India Alliance
Indonesia Bali Arts, Religion and Social Change SIT
Japan Hirakata City Kansai Gaidai University see Study Abroad Office
Kyoto Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions (Fall) Antioch
Tokyo Musashi University see Study Abroad Office
Mongolia Ulaanbaater Geopolitics and the Environment SIT
Nepal Kathmandu Development and Social Change SIT
Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples SIT
Russia St. Petersburg St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University AIFS
Samoa Apia Pacific Communities and Social Change SIT
South Korea Seoul Yonsei University


Thailand Khon Kaen Community Public Health CIEE
Turkey Istanbul SU Istanbul Program SU Abroad
Bo─čaziçi University AIFS
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Culture, Social Change and Development SIT
Vietnam/Cambodia   The Living Mekong: Environmental Ethics and Conservation SFS

Australia - New Zealand

Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Australia Byron Bay Sustainability and Environmental Action SIT
Cairns Rainforest, Reef and Cultural Ecology SIT
Perth Murdoch University AIFS
Queensland Tropical Rainforest Studies SFS
Sydney Sydney Internship Program BU
New Zealand Auckland Auckland Internship Program BU (fall only)
Wellington Victoria University of Wellington IFSA-Butler, Arcadia, AIFS


Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Austria Salzburg University of Salzburg AIFS
Croatia Dubrovnik Dubrovnik International University API
Czech Republic Prague Charles University AIFS
Arts and Social Change SIT
Denmark Copenhagen Danish Institute for Study Abroad DIS
England Bath Advanced Studies in England ASE
Leeds University of Leeds API, IFSA-Butler
London Birbeck, University of London IFSA-Butler
City University IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Goldsmith's College, University of London Arcadia
London Internship Program BU, Arcadia, AIFS
London Parliamentary Internship Program Arcadia
London School of Economics and Political Science IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
London Now Arcadia
Queen Mary College, University of London IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Richmond, The American International University AIFS
University of Westminster API, IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Oxford Oxford University IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
France Bordeaux Université Bordeaux 3-Michel de Montaigne Middlebury
Grenoble Université de Grenoble AIFS
Centre Universitaire D’Études Françaises (CUEF) API
Grenoble École de Management API, AIFS
Paris Arcadia in Paris Arcadia
Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne AIFS, API
Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP) API, AIFS
Universite Paris Diderot API
Universite Paris Dauphine API
Poitiers Universite de Poitiers Middlebury
Strasbourg SU Strasbourg Program SU Abroad
Germany Berlin Freie University API
Tûbingen Antioch in Germany: Universität Tûbingen Antioch
Greece Athens Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Balkan, & Mediterranean Studies and Research Arcadia
College Year in Athens CYA
Hungary Budapest Corvinus University of Budapest API
Ireland, Republic of Cork University College Cork API, Arcadia, IFSA-Butler,
Dublin Dublin Internship Program BU
Dublin Parliamentary Internship Arcadia
Champlain Abroad Dublin Champlain College
Galway National University of Ireland, Galway API, Arcadia, IFSA-Butler
Limerick University of Limerick AIFS, API, Arcadia, IFSA-Butler
Maynooth National University of Ireland API, Arcadia, IFSA-Butler
Ireland, Northern Belfast Stranmillis University IFSA-Butler
University of Ulster Arcadia, IFSA-Butler
Italy Florence Lorenzo de'Medici School API
Richmond in Florence AIFS
Florence Internship Program AIFS
SU Florence Program SU Abroad
Perugia The Umbra Institute & Liberal Arts Program Arcadia
Rome Arcadia in Rome Arcadia
John Cabot University API
Lorenzo de Medici School API
Richmond in Rome AIFS
Syracuse, Sicily The Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences Arcadia
The Netherlands Amsterdam International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender SIT
Poland Krakow Jagiellonian University of Krakow API
Scotland Edinburgh University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Glasgow University of Glasgow IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Stirling University of Stirling IFSA-Butler, Arcadia, API
Spain Barcelona Universidad de Barcelona Arcadia, API
University Autonoma of Barcelona API, AIFS
Pompeu Fabra University API
Arcadia in Barcelona Arcadia
Bilbao University of Deusto API
Granada Arcadia in Granada Arcadia
University of Granada AIFS, API
Madrid Complutense University API
Antonio de Nebrija University API
Salamanca Universidad de Salamanca AIFS, API
Seville Universidad de Pablo de Olavide API
Universidad de Seville API
Toledo Fundacion Jose Ortega y Gasset Arcadia
University de Castilla-La Mancha Arcadia
Wales Bangor Bangor University Arcadia
Cardiff Cardiff University IFSA-Butler

Latin America

Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Argentina Bariloche Globalization and Community Responses in Argentina (Spring) Antioch
Buenos Aires Public Health in Urban Environments SIT
Regional Integration, Development, and Social Change SIT
Social Movements & Human Rights SIT
Universidad De Belgrano API, AIFS
Argentine Universities Program IFSA-Butler
Universidad de Buenos Aires Middlebury
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella API, IFSA-Butler, Middlebury
Mendoza Mendoza University Program IFSA-Butler
Universidad de Congreso API
Bolivia Cochabamba Multiculturalism, Globalization and Social Change SIT
Brazil Fortaleza Social Justice and Sustainable Development SIT
Salvador Public Health, Race and Human Rights SIT
Curitiba, Parana, Brasilia, Manaus, Pocone Brazilian Ecosystems (Fall) Antioch
Chile Arica Public Health, Traditional Medicine and Community Empowerment SIT
Santiago Comparative Education and Social Change SIT
Chilean Universities Program IFSA-Butler
SU Santiago Program SU Abroad
Valparaiso Cultural Identity, Social Justice and Community Development SIT
Chilean Universities Program IFSA-Butler
Viña del Mar Universidad Viña del Mar API
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez AIFS, API
Costa Rica Atenas Sustainable Development Studies SFS
Heredia Universidad Nacional IFSA-Butler
San Jose International Center for Development Studies API
Universidad Veritas AIFS, API
San Joaquin de Flores Instituto de San Joaquin de Flores API
Cuba Havana Arcadia in Cuba Arcadia
University of Havana API, IFSA-Butler
Ecuador Galapagos / Quito Galapagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences / Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Service-Learning) IPS-L
Quito Comparative Ecology and Conservation SIT
Development, Politics and Languages SIT
Nicaragua Managua Youth Culture, Literacy and Media SIT
Panama Panama City Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation SIT
Bocas Del Toro Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies SFS
Peru Cusco Indigenous Peoples and Globalization SIT
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Service-Learning) IPS-L
Lima Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú IFSA-Butler
Pillcopata, Madre de Dios Biodiversity and Development in the Amazon SFS

North America - Caribbean

Geographic Area Location Name of Program Program Provider
Turks & Caicos Islands Cockburn Harbor Marine Resource Studies SFS
USA Washington DC Washington Semester Program American University
Woods Hole, MA The Global Ocean SEA Semester
Oceans and Climate SEA Semester
Marine Biodiversity & Conservation SEA Semester
Sustainability in Polynesian Island Culture and Ecosystems SEA Semester
Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean SEA Semester
Canada Montreal Champlain Abroad Montreal Champlain College

Multi Country

Name of Program Program Provider
Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans SIT
Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe (Fall) Antioch
Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water and Energy (IHP/Comparative) SIT
Health and Community: Globalization, Culture and Care (IHP/Comparative) SIT
Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning and Politics (IHP/Comparative) SIT
Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy (IHP/Comparative) SIT

Africa and the Middle East

Country City Program Provider
Egypt Alexandria IFSA-Butler
Ghana Accra SU Abroad
Jordan Amman SIT
Madagascar Antananarivo SIT
Morocco Rabat BU, SIT
South Africa Cape Town Arcadia, SU Abroad
Stellenbosch AIFS, Arcadia
Durban SIT
Tanzania Zanzibar BU
Uganda/Rwanda Kampala SIT
United Arab Emirates Sharjah API

Asia - Oceania

Country City Program Provider
Bhutan Bumthang District SFS
India & Bhutan Wisdom
China Beijing Alliance, IFSA-Butler, SU Abroad
Kumming SIT
Shanghai BU, Alliance, IFSA-Butler, SU Abroad
Xi'an Alliance
India Kolkata IPS-L
New Delhi SIT
New Delhi, Agra, Ladahk Wisdom
Pune Alliance, IFSA-Butler
Indonesia Bali SIT
Japan Kyoto SU Abroad
Nepal Kathmandu SIT
Patan, Bhaktipur, Kathmandu Wisdom
Singapore Singapore SU Abroad
Thailand & Cambodia   Wisdom
Tibet Central Tibet Wisdom
Kham Wisdom
Turkey Istanbul AIFS, SU Abroad

Australia - New Zealand

Country City Program Provider
Australia Adelaide IFSA-Butler
Auckland (& Northern New Zealand) SFS
Canberra IFSA-Butler
Sydney Arcadia, BU


Country City Program Provider
Austria Salzburg AIFS
Belgium Brussels BU
Czech Republic Prague AIFS
Denmark Copenhagen DIS
England Bath ASE
Brighton IFSA-Butler
Cambridge IFSA-Butler, Arcadia
Leeds API
London Arcadia, SU Abroad, AIFS, IFSA Butler, BU, API
Oxford IFSA-Butler
France Caen API
Grenoble API, BU, AIFS
Paris API, AIFS, Arcadia, BU, SU Abroad
Strasbourg SU Abroad
Germany Berlin AIFS, SU Abroad, API
Bonn Arcadia
Greece Athens AIFS, Arcadia, CYA, Wisdom
Iceland Reykjavik SIT
Solheimar SU Abroad
Ireland, Republic of Cork API, IFSA-Butler
Dublin API, Arcadia, BU, IFSA-Butler
Galway API, IFSA Butler
Limerick AIFS, API, Arcadia
Maynooth AIFS
Ireland, Northern Belfast IFSA Butler
Italy Bologna SU Abroad
Florence AIFS, API, Arcadia, SU Abroad
Lecce Arcadia
Padua BU
Perugia Arcadia
Rome AIFS, API, Arcadia
Siena IPSL
Syracuse Arcadia
Taormina API
Tuscany API
Venice BU, SU Abroad
Poland Krakow API
Russia St. Petersburg AIFS
Scotland Edinburgh Arcadia, IFSA Butler
Glasgow Arcadia
Stirling API, Arcadia, IFSA Butler
Spain Barcelona AIFS, API, Arcadia
Bilbao API
Granada AIFS, API, Arcadia
Madrid API, BU, SU Abroad
Mallorca Arcadia
Menorca BU
Salamanca AIFS, API
Seville API
Toledo Arcadia
Switzerland Geneva BU, SIT, SU Abroad

Latin America

Country City Program Provider
Argentina Buenos Aires AIFS,API, BU, IFSA Butler
Brazil Rio de Janeiro BU
Sao Paolo AIFS
Salvador SU Abroad
Chile Santiago IFSA-Butler, SU Abroad
Valparaiso API, Arcadia
Vina del Mar API
Costa Rica Atenas SFS
San Jose AIFS, API
San Joaquin de Flores API
Cuba Havana Arcadia
Dominican Republic Santiago delos Caballeros SU Abroad
Mexico Merida IFSA-Butler
Queretaro API
Peru Lima & Ayacucho BU
Cusco IPSL, SU Abroad
Lima IFSA-Butler

North America

Country City Program Provider
Turks & Caicos South Caicos Island, British West Indies SFS
USA Los Angeles BU
Washington, DC BU, American University
WoodsHole, MA SEA Semester

Winter Studies

Country City Program Provider
India Kolkata, Darjeeling & Sikkim Wisdom

Faculty-Led Academic Trips provide a remarkable opportunity for an intensive learning experience with a group of Saint Michael's College students and faculty.  This year's trips reflect our commitment to international education and to experiential learning.  We recognize that not all students can afford to study abroad for an entire semester, and these courses represent an exciting alternative.  Trip destinations have been carefully selected to immerse students in their learning and to integrate their theoretical knowledge with the perspective of place.  Most people will agree that this is the best way to learn and to retain knowledge.  All trips meet the Experiential Learning Requirement if successfully completed.

If you have questions about any of these trips, please contact the faculty members who are indicated as the instructors for the course as soon as possible.  Trip size will be limited, and a minimum number of students must register in order for the course to proceed.  Travel expenses are paid by the students prior to the trip according to a schedule of payments established by the College.  Academic Study Trips are not eligible for tuition remission.  Half tuition is charged (per credit) during the winter or summer session.  A limited number of need based scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

Summer 2016

Brazil: Social Development & Environment  (no longer accepting applications)
AN 310 (4 credits)
Prerequisite:  None
Date: May 17 - 31, 2016

This course will explore intersections between social and economic development and the natural environment in the largest and most biologically diverse country in the Americas, Brazil.  The class will include a detailed look at the contemporary challenges of economic, environmental and social sustainability in the dynamic cultural landscape of modern day Brazil.  Students will learn directly from non-profit organizations working on important topics such as poverty, cultural preservation and indigenous rights, racial equality, and challenges facing the environmental movement in Brazil.  Daily field visits to eco-tourism projects, community development initiatives, and advocacy organizations working at the intersection of social development and environmental protection will enable students to understand these issues from multiple perspectives.  Participants will interact directly with Brazilian families in a homestay experience and will also devote several hours volunteering with a non-profit community organization.

Class instruction will include 1-2 days of intensive pre-departure classwork on campus followed by 10-12 days of in-country travel and study in Brazil.  Although "survival Portuguese" will be taught during the pre-departure phase, interested students are strongly encouraged to pursue independent language study in either Spanish or Portuguese in advance of the trip.

Professor Delaney has lived and worked in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries for most of her professional career.  This course will take advantage of her many professional and personal contacts in Brazil.

Professor Patricia Delaney,
Kimoi Seale,

England: Shakespeare in Performance (no longer accepting applications)
EN 307 (2 credits)
Prerequisite: EN 306, offered Spring 2016
Date: May 16 - 30, 2016

This course on Shakespeare's plays in performance on stage is an intensive two-week study trip to England and to summer performances of Shakespeare's plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as by other companies in other venues, including London. Field trips will include Oxford University and Blenheim Palace (site for the filming of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet).

While the 2-credit study trip in England will focus on the summer performances that students will witness on the stage, the 2-credit spring course on campus will focus directly on performances of Shakespeare's plays on screen. Taken together, the sequence of two 2-credit courses will satisfy requirements in Experiential Learning and in the LSC (Literary Studies) or in the English major (300 level). The spring course will focus on screen performances of five of Shakespeare's plays, and the summer study trip will focus on stage interpretations of the five Shakespeare plays we will attend.

Professor Nick Clary,
Professor Joan Wry,

France: Culture and Society in Medieval Burgundy (no longer accepting applications)
HI/RS/AH/HU 280 (4 credits)
Prerequisite: None
Date: May 14 - June 1, 2016

 This program offers students first-hand experience of living at the place of SMC's origins in Burgundy – a 12th-century abbey – while studying medieval history and culture in its original context. Classes held every other day in Pontigny prepare students for site visits the next day to castles, churches, cathedrals, battlefields, abbeys, archeological excavations, towns and cities, museums and libraries. In this way reading, studying and exploring the material remains of this culture are integrated.

Terryl Kinder (Distinguished Visiting Professor of Fine Arts), a practicing medieval archeologist, lives in the town of Pontigny and speaks fluent French. The places the students will visit are an integral part of her research and some are not otherwise open to the public.

Professor Terryl Kinder,
Professor Marie-France Nelson,

Guyana: A Study in Service (no longer accepting applications)
GL 341 (2 credits)
Prerequisite: Required 2-credit pre-trip course in Spring 2016.
In addition, PH 351 (also offered in Spring 2016) is recommended, though not required
Date: May 19 - June 6, 2016

The main focus of this trip will be twofold. We will offer support to a variety of organizations in Georgetown, Guyana that provide care for individuals living in vulnerable communities (orphanages, a leprosy residence, and a geriatric institution), and we will philosophically explore the meaning of the ethical relationship we have with others in our global world. Students will discuss both the universality of struggle in situations of marginalization in any setting and the non-universal, unique circumstances that individuals face. Grounded upon the radical ethical theory of a contemporary philosopher, our coursework will consider the nature of human relatedness and responsibility and the challenges of enacting justice and engaging in genuine service to others. Along the way, we will also learn about the variety of cultural influences in Guyana and spend a few days in an Arawak village in the Interior. Guyana’s history provides an excellent example of many factors that contribute to global marginalization experienced in the developing world. Students will learn this history and gain understanding of Guyana’s politics, economics, and culture through course readings and engagement with Guyanese individuals. A collaborative project with our Guyanese hosts will give students an opportunity to utilize their talents, skills, and education to create long-term benefit for the service organizations we will serve in Guyana.

Professor Katie Kirby,
Professor Moise St Louis,

Domestic Soldiers: Life in Wartime Britain (Bath, England) (still accepting applications)

*Course offered through Advanced Studies in England (4 credits)
Date: June 4 - July 9, 2016

1936 was a fascinating time in history. Europe was on the verge of World War II, the Olympics were held in Germany, Britain and other democracies were being tested by fascism and communism, Spain was engaged in a brutal civil war, economic depression was prevalent, and technology was reshaping daily life. It was a time ripe for artists to depict the political, economic, social, and environmental upheavals that were occurring.

In this course the many stories and perspectives of 1936 serve as a case study for students in Education (elementary, secondary, or art) and Humanities (History, Political Science, English, Art for example) to embellish skills in both pedagogy and historical inquiry. Although we transition back 80 years the intent is to actively explore inspiring teaching strategies that connect events that occurred in Britain such as the Jarrow Crusade, Battle of Cable Street, and Edward VIII’s abdication of the crown to our current global challenges of human rights; religious and political fanaticism; education, economic, and gender inequity; and environmental anesthesia. Historical novels, poetry, diaries, speeches, newspaper articles, paintings, artifacts, performances, and a study trip to London inspire us to analyze, reflect, and present interpretations on the complex events of 1936 that foreshadowed World War II. This course fulfills the LSC Global Issues requirement. (For those in Education this course would fulfill the ED300 requirement for Elementary or Art Education majors, the required elective for the Secondary Education major, or an elective for Education minors.

Please note: This course is not an SMC Academic Study Trip, but is an Advanced Studies in England (ASE) summer course taught by SMC Professor Jonathan Silverman, Professor Silverman’s course is one of two courses a student would take during the summer in Bath, England. The other course would be choice between Jane Austen in Bath or the Triumph of Georgian Bath. For more information on ASE:

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