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You'll find rock, ice and alpine climbing opportunities for beginner to advanced climbers with St. Mike's Wilderness Program. Our programs are designed to maximize climbing time and develop strong fundamental skills. We achieve this by maintaining a client to instructor ratio of no greater than 3:1 and by training our instructors to a high standard.

All of our professional climbing staff are individual members of the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and at a minimum certified to the AMGA Single Pitch Award Standard. Our student instructional staff have completed an intensive training curriculum that includes top rope site management and SOLO Wilderness First Responder or EMT; in addition, lead student climbing instructors are associate members of the AMGA and are certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructors.

Many of our programs require no prior experience. We'll provide all of the technical equipment, to include, ropes, harnesses, helmets, rock shoes, chalk, protection, mountaineering tools, technical tools, crampons and mountaineering boots. For a list of personal equipment, refer to our packing list.

Find out more about our rock climbing programs in our Guide to Adventure.

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