Graduate Assistantship

Looking to get more involved in the Education Department and receive financial aid in exchange? Consider becoming a Graduate Assistant. It's a great way to offset your tuition while gaining valuable experience and developing deeper connections in your field.

The Graduate Assistant supports the Graduate Education Department and receives compensation in the form of tuition waivers and a stipend. Responsibilities include assistance with projects, such as the publication of the department newsletter, and maintaining data for our Review Program of Approval by the State Department of Education.

How do you apply?

As only one assistantship is offered by the Program each year, the process can be competitive. Applications for the Graduate Assistantship can be made through the Graduate Education Program Office. To apply, please send your resumé, a letter of intent, and two work-related references to Karen Abbott, Administrative Assistant for Graduate Education. Mailing address and contact information is below:

Saint Michael's College
Karen Abbott
Box 281
One Winooski Park
Colchester, VT 05439

Who is eligible?

Only accepted Graduate Education degree students may apply. The applicant must be available for all three consecutive terms — fall, spring, and summer — and be available to work 12-15 hours per week for at least 15 weeks per semester and the full summer term.

What are the hours?

12-15 hours per week each term, fall, spring and summer.

What is the tuition waiver and when can it be used?

The tuition waiver is currently 18 credits and must be used the fall, spring and summer of the assistantship.  Only 6 credits per semester will be paid and cannot transfer to other semesters. 

When is the deadline?

May 1 or until the position is filled.  

Want to know more?

Please direct any questions to Karen Abbott, Administrative Assistant for Graduate Education.
(Application to the 2014-2015 assistantship is now closed.)

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