MATESOL and PK-12 Endorsement for Licensed Teachers

teacher with classLicensed Vermont school teachers may take the state-approved PK-12 ELL Endorsement Program as part of their MATESOL program (36 credits). Coursework involves a 60-hour practicum with English learners in local schools.

Students also must complete a MATESOL Portfolio before graduation and pass the state-mandated Praxis II examination to be recommended for the Vermont ELL Endorsement.

Recommended Course Sequence 2014-15 (36 credits)*

Based on a 4-semester completion plan, starting Fall semester. All courses are 3 credits.

Fall 1 (9 credits)

  • GSL 506 Becoming a TESOL Professional
  • GSL 542 Introduction to Language Teaching
  • GSL 546 PK-12 Literacy for ESOL (+ practicum)

Spring (9 credits)

  • GSL 612 Bilingualism and Multicultural Education
  • GSL 655 Language Learning and Assessment for Children
  • GSL Elective

Summer (9 credits)

  • GSL 500 Foundations of Linguistics
  • GSL 502 English Grammar (+ practicum)
  • GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL

Fall 2 (9 credits)

  • GSL 547 ESOL in the Content Areas (+ practicum)
  • GSL Elective
  • GSL Elective
  • Portfolio 

*NOTE: If you do not follow this recommended sequence we cannot guarantee that a course you need will be offered when you want it. Independent study for these courses is not an option.