Career Symposium brings alumni to campus to advise students

career symposiumSaint Michael's College is staging a program bringing alumni to campus to showcase career options and to give students networking opportunities, the  annual Career Symposiumth4 Friday, Nov. 2.

Successful professionals, attending Saint Michael's College graduates all have come from New York, Boston, the Vermont area and elsewhere to participate. The program has the endorsement and sponsorship of the SMC Alumni Board of Directors, Office of Alumni & Parent Relations, and Office of Career Development. It is also supported by a generous grant from U.S. Chemicals, LLC, and E. Keith Maloney (SMC '66), past member of the Alumni Board of Directors.

The program opens with a keynote address from noted corporate speaker and consultant, Jay Rifenbary, author of No Excuse! - Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and Career. He speaks at 4:30 PM in Cheray Science Hall room 101.

The alumni professionals are grouped onto panels speaking in various Saint Edmunds Hall classrooms from 6 PM to 8 PM. The array of speakers and panels is as follows:

I'm From the Government & I'm Here to Help

Sales, Beyond the Perceptions (It's Not All Used Cars and Insurance)

Some Helpful Information Technologists

Halthcare Pharma... Booming Like Wildfire

A Walk in Someone Else's Shoes, Human Services & NonProfit

Tweet, Friend, Connect... Navigating Today's MarketSpace

Reach for the Stars... Get Off the Ground... Fly High In Biz Management & Entrepreneurship