At many schools, internships are an afterthought. At Saint Michael's, they are a priority.

We focus on pairing students with sites that match their talents and studies and direct them into firsthand professional experience. Just as our students enjoy close working relationships with their professors, so do they benefit from the College's more than 200 approved internship sites and tight partnerships with those site supervisors.

Some of our more prominent sites include Ben & Jerry's, UBS, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and the Flying Ryan Hawk Foundation. If none of the approved sites suit your needs or career ambitions, the College will also work with students to forge arrangements with new companies to ensure a productive, personalized experience.

A "Homemade" Internship - at the Ben and Jerry's Factory

@ Ben and Jerry's Factory

What Students Say About Doing an Internship

  • An internship is absolutely invaluable to your career. Not only does it benefit you technically, it also sends a signal to future employers that you are a hard working individual who takes the initiative to learn new things and perfect your skills. (Kara)
  • Internships have allowed me to make excellent professional contacts, gain valuable work experience and greatly enhance my resume (Carrie)
  • There are many different and interesting internships available to all majors (Natalie)
  • Internships help build a resume that will catch the eye of a future employer. This has been key in landing a job after graduation. (Ashley)
  • Internships bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. (Ryan)
  • An internship is an incredible way to gain experience that the classroom cannot offer. It is a wonderful supplement to a liberal arts education. (Sarah)
  • An internship is the best opportunity you have to prepare yourself for the corporate world. The confidence gained through my internship was invaluable and will definitely have a profound effect on my job search. (Mark)

What Site Supervisors Say...

  • I was fortunate to have a St. Mike's summer intern. She was a standout among the interns. She was an impressive young woman, bright, hard-working and diligent. She made an extraordinary impression upon all with whom she worked. (Bergen County Prosecutor's Office)
  • I find it very easy giving the St. Michael's internship program high marks. The whole program is very well organized and user friendly. We continue to be impressed with the consistent quality and enthusiasm of the students. (Sopher Investment)
  • Saint Michael's interns have proven to be serious and responsive. They are eager to accept responsibility and to exercise independent judgment. (Verve Editions)
  • The interns that I have had from St. Mike's have been extraordinary young people. (Nowak and Nowak)
  • Our organization is provided with talent and in turn has the ability to give real world experience to our interns. (Carved Solutions)
  • We extend our thanks to the College and the program for giving us these quality students. They made a huge difference and positively impacted our business (Rome Snowboards)

Meet the Internship Coordinator

Meg Sealey, Internship Coordinator

Greetings from the Saint Michael's College Internship Program in the Office of Career Development! If you're a student interested in doing an internship or an employer looking to recruit a Saint Michael's College student intern, I'm here to assist! I can be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: 802.654.2549


In person: Klein Hall, Office 128


Partnership Responsibilities


  • Visit the Career Development section on the Saint Michael’s College portal. This will give you a clear understanding of the internship program policies and procedures.
  • Attend an Internship Information Session to learn about available opportunities and the process for earning academic credit.
  • Access SMC Joblink and identify sites that support your career goals. Become familiar with the organization and contact each site supervisor to discuss the hiring process for the company and how to proceed.

    Attend a Resumé Writing and Interviewing Skills Workshop sponsored by the Office of Career Development in preparation for the application and interview.
  • Complete the internship program application on the SMC portal. Submit your application to the Internship Coordinator, honoring the deadline.

Faculty Supervisors

  • Develop an appropriate Study Agreement in conjunction with the intern, clearly identifying the academic component supporting the internship.
  • Meet with your intern regularly throughout the semester, discussing ways to integrate classroom learning with the site experience.
  • Review the progress your intern is making, holding him/her accountable for fulfilling the academic component.
  • Maintain contact with the site supervisor, creating an open and collaborative relationship between the College and the internship site.
  • Evaluate the internship experience and assign the final grade, incorporating feedback from the site supervisor.

Site Supervisors

  • Identify an internship site supervisor to work directly with the student intern and design progressive work assignments so the intern will move toward more challenging responsibilities throughout the semester.
  • Interview interns and select the most appropriate candidate(s), notifying him/her within our timeframes.
  • Maintain contact with the faculty supervisor during the semester, establishing a collaborative relationship between your company or organization and the College.
  • Evaluate the intern by completing the final evaluation form. Conduct an exit interview at the end of the semester, offering positive and constructive feedback.

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