Be a Sustainable Citizen

"Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts.
This is the secret of success."
- Swami Sivananda

Part of the college's vision is: "shaped by underlying values embraced by the College community, including the respect for the fundamental dignity and value of each human person, a responsibility as citizens in an age of cultural diversity and internationalization...Saint Michael's will manage the challenges of an age of fundamental transformation in higher education by adhering to values held collectively by its members."

As a member of this great community, whether you are staff, student or faculty, you have an important role to play in helping to keep Saint Michael's College sustainable. Never feel that an act is too small to make a difference or too big to attempt. Every choice you make has an impact, and like a pebble beeing tossed into the water, those choices have a great rippling effect that makes a positive difference for all.

Here's just a short list of suggestions on how to be a sustainable citizen, feel free to explore the website to find more ways to reduce your impact on the environment or suggest some ideas not yet listed:

  • Shut lights/appliances off (and unplug them) when no one is in the room
  • Use reusable bags when going shopping
  • Don't idle while on campus or out in the community (in fact, Burlington has a no idling policy)
  • Keep the campus clean and healthy, don't litter (place your recycleables in a recycling bin and throw your trash out in a dumpster)
  • To get around campus and town, consider walking, biking, carpooling or taking the CCTA Bus (Free to all Saint Michael's students, staff and faculty)
  • Buy local products (food, clothing, furniture, etc...): not only do these products have a smaller carbon footprint, you will also support the local economy and hard workers in this beautiful state of Vermont
  • Purchase products with recycled content and those that do not have a lot of packaging material
  • Bring your own mug to coffee shops and other cafes
  • When purchasing appliances, make sure they are energy efficient
  • Doing laundry: wash your clothes on the cold cycle and let them air dry
  • Talk with others about how their choices make a difference to create a sustainable future, we are all in this together

for even more simple suggestions, visit World Wildlife Fund's How you Can Help the Environment in your Every Day Life

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