Saint Michael's College Teaching Gardens

teaching gardensThe Teaching Gardens combine the academic areas of botany, teaching and children's literature through interdisciplinary collaboration and gardening. Currently, there are three teaching gardens on campus: the Native Plants of Vermont Garden, Books in Bloom, and an arboretum. These gardens were created through the collaborative work between the education and biology departments over the past three years. The goals of the Teaching Gardens are: (1) for our campus to become a destination for students and the larger community to learn about plants, their role in children's literature, and our environment; (2) to create a physical space for service and collaborative learning; and (3) to help foster a campus wide culture of learning by providing an education space that is aesthetically pleasing, inviting, and accessible.

Yard "Waste"

teaching gardenOur amazing Department of Buildings and Grounds takes all of the grass clippings, mulch and other yard trimming down to our compost facilities to eventually be placed back on our beautiful campus in the form of nutritious compost.