Did you know that yard trimmings and food waste account for 24% of the United State's waste stream? If all that "waste" was composted, just think of how much space it would free up in the nation's landfills!

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste produced by Saint Michael's College and divert it from our state's landfills, we are composting all of our food waste and yard trimmings here at our very own compost facilities! Once a year, Grounds Crew staff sift the finished piles to "fine-tune" the material before bringing it up on campus to spread on the flower beds and other areas.

Food scraps are collected from Alliot Dining Hall. Also, airtight buckets are available for interested students, staff and faculty to compost their own food scraps for FREE (it just costs a small amount of effort). All members of the Saint Michael's College community can drop off their food waste to be composted at the loading dock of Alliot Hall (look for the blue "slim" toters that are lined with compostable bags). If would like to obtain a compost bucket, e-mail or

Other Compost News!

During the summer of 2009, staff from Physical Plant, members of Green Up SMC, and the Sustainability Coordinator met with dining to plan a new, more interactive system of collecting food waste in the Alliot dining Hall. This system involves all dining visitors to actively participate in the compost program. When you go to return your trays, first scrape all remaining food in the designated Compost Cabinet alongside the wall then return your EMPTY tray. It is as easy as that! This new system will reduce the amount of water used in Alliot as we will no longer need the constant stream of water washing food waste into the collection barrel. Another benefit is that students, staff and faculty participate in the composting process!

At the start of the Fall 2011 semester, the Student Association joined forces with Green Up and the Office of Sustainability to purchase new compost buckets that were placed in EVERY townhouse unit for students to be active composters.

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