First Year Housing Options

Saint Michael's College is a four-year residential college. All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus. Exceptions include those students who live with their parents or who are financially self-supporting according to federal guidelines (with appropriate documentation). Housing requirements do not pertain to graduate students, married students or students with children.

Theme Living Communities (TLCs)

All first year students will be housed within a Theme Living Communities (TLC). Theme Living Communities (TLCs) are supportive environments comprised of groups of students brought together around a common interest or purpose to make living on campus a more rewarding adventure. Students with similar interests can live together and participate in programs that focus on their academic, social, and personal needs. TLCs provide a structure by which the residence hall staff may facilitate, encourage, and promote lifelong learning. Each TLC will have the support of a faculty/staff advisor(s) who share the common interest of the floor, the Office of New and Sophomore Students and Programs, and the Student Life Office.

Four themes (Approaches to Transition; Leadership; Service; Wellness) will serve as umbrella themes of the first year housing experience. On their housing application, students will rank their choices for placement into one of the communities. Once students arrive in the fall, students, with the guidance of the Resident Assistant on the floor, will develop a plan to carry out their theme. Each floor will decide upon, work together on, and implement a project each semester to carry out their specific theme as well as participate in events, meals, and meetings with faculty/staff member(s) of the Saint Michael's community who also share an interest in the theme.

Approaches to Transition

The Approaches to Transition TLCs are communitites designed to help first year students explore all the possibilities and resources available to them on the college campus so that they may maximize their college experience. Such communities will assist students in making successful transitions to college in general, including experiences that teach how to create and maintain a strong community, as well as how to live in community effectively. Possible ways this umbrella theme may play out on a floor might include, but are not limited to: Transitions and Men; Transitions and Women; Cross-cultural Transitions; Lifelong Approaches to Transition; Transition to College Honors Program.


Leadership TLCs will focus on the importance of leadership and its applications to both the community and the individual. The communities will familiarize students with the College's values and the opportunities for leadership across campus. Possible ways this umbrella theme may play out might include, but are not limited to: Outdoor Leadership; Women and Leadership; Men and Leadership; Leadership & Sustainability; Global Leadership; Spiritual Leadership; Honors Program & Leadership in the Community.


Service TLCs will bring together individuals looking to help others and learn about themselves and the community. These communities will focus on providing service learning opportunities that are impactful and memorable. Possible ways this umbrella theme may play out on a floor might include but is not limited to: Servant Leadership; Service & Social Justice; Spirituality.


Wellness TLCs will foster balanced living through academic and personal journeys of wellness. These communities hope to cultivate and maintain a healthful lifestyle as it applies to self, spirituality and community. Possible ways this umbrella theme may play out on a floor might include, but is not limited to: Fitness & Physical Health; Community Wellness; Healthy Lifestyle; Emotional Wellness; Mental Wellbeing; Holistic Wellness; Creativity and Wellness; GREAT Housing.

Honors Housing

The Honors Program at Saint Michael's College provides additional challenges and opportunities to outstanding students through group discussion, research and extracurricular activities. Students in the Honors Program may decide to live within Honors Housing. Students living within Honors Housing will still be participating in the larger umbrella theme of Leadership or Approaches to Transition.

Priority is given to those incoming first-year students who have been invited to join the Honors Program by the Faculty Honors Program Committee. Additional space within Honors Housing in the first-year areas will be filled by those students who have/are predicted to have a grade point average of 3.6 or higher.

Honors Housing provides a community living experience that is supportive of students' academic success and interests and promotes students' academic and co-curricular leadership.

Honors Housing is comprised of mainly double rooms within the first-year buildings for incoming students. Additionally, Honors Housing is located within single and suite-style housing in Pontigny Holl and Quad Commons as well as singles and/or doubles in residence halls for upper-level students.

GREAT Housing (Alcohol and Drug Free Living Communities)

Students living in GREAT Housing are members of the first-year, sophomore, junior and senior classes who wish to live in alcohol-free environments governed by an individual's commitment to the program and secondly by the GREAT Housing living contract. Students choosing to live in GREAT Housing are agreeing to live a lifestyle that does not allow alcohol and/or other drugs to negatively affect the community of which they are a valuable member. GREAT Housing communities fall under the larger umbrella theme of Wellness.

As such, students will recognize and affirm that choice in their daily actions by signing a contract with their community, and the College, to uphold the ideals of GREAT Housing. The purpose of such a program is to provide students with a comfortable and safe living environment free from the pressures associated with alcohol and other drugs. The communities which form tend to be closer due to this common bond. Opportunities to meet new friends are furthered through access to the Center for Great Living - a space to hang out, socialize, meet other GREAT people, learn about GREAT things, have dances, movie nights, special dinners, AA or Al-anon meetings, educational programs with a GREAT twist, but more importantly a place to be yourself. Additionally, all students in GREAT Housing will be asked to participate in a least one GREAT Housing Program Committee. There will be several committees formed in order to enhance and facilitate the GREAT Housing Program. Some examples of previous committees: programming committee, weekend events committee, running the Center for Great Living, evaluation committee and a student conference committee.

Ambassador Housing

The Ambassador Housing Program gives American students an opportunity to live with international students currently enrolled in Saint Michael's Applied Linguistics Department (ALD). The program encourages students from different cultures to establish friendships, provides social and educational programming about cultural differences and similarities and encourages students to expand their world view.

Approximately 40 American students of all class years live in Ambassador Housing with approximately 50 international students. Housing options are four and eight person suites within Canterbury HallCashman Hall or Pontigny Hall; two four-person apartments located on our north campus; as well as some double rooms within the Quad.

For additional information regarding our Ambassador Program, call Jeff Vincent at 802.654.2754 or email Jeff a

Married student/family housing

The college cannot accommodate married/family student housing during the academic year.