Details about Housing

Access to Residence Halls

Halls are locked 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Please remember to keep your keys with you at all times. All residence halls on campus can be accessed with your Knight Card. Additionally, students living within Quad Commons can access their individual rooms with their Knight Card. In all other residential areas, you will be issued a key for your individual room.

Roommate Requests

We will do our best to accommodate mutual roommate requests. New students requesting to room together must request each other via the housing application located on the New Student mySMC site by June 15, 2016.

Room Size

Approximate standard double room sizes are as follows:

  • Joyce Hall = 192 square feet
  • Lyons Hall = 192 square feet
  • Ryan Hall = 198 square feet

Window Size

Sizes vary by floor, room and building. We suggest waiting until you arrive before buying curtains. Blinds are provided.


Elevators are located only in Canterbury Hall, Cashman Hall, Pontigny Hall, and Quad Commons.  Dion Family Student Center and Quad Commons elevators also allow access to Alumni, Joyce, Lyons, and Ryan Halls. During Move-In, student orientation leaders assist families/students in moving belongings into their rooms. Dumbwaiters are located in Lyons, Joyce, Ryan and Alumni for moving belongings.

Twin Bed Size

Standard twin-size beds (36 x 76) are provided. Extra long twin-size beds (36 x 80) are available by request. All requests must be made to the Student Life Office ( in writing no later than June 15, 2016.


The Residence Hall Association sponsors a linen program that offers a practical and convenient way to purchase brand new, first quality, custom sheets and other accessories for reasonable prices. A mailing with more information will be sent to all new students in summer. You can check out the products or place your order now at For questions or assistance, please call 1.800.957.4338.


Small refrigerators (approximately four-five cubic feet) are allowed in residence hall rooms. Students must provide their own refrigerators.


Low-voltage microwaves (700 watts or less) are allowed in residential rooms. Glass bottles are prohibited in residence halls and living areas.


Washing machines and dryers are located in the basements of all first-year areas and are operated by the student's Knight Card. There is a laundry service available through the Campus Store. For information, visit


Lofts are available for rent from outside vendors during Move-In Weekend. For more information, go to

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