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Alex Brenock, Knightchat Coordinator

alex brenock Twitter Blogger
  • Medway, MA
  • Business Administration major
  • Online Media and Communications Coordinator, Peer Tutor, Blogger, Tour Guide, MOVE Mentor
  • Studied abroad Spring '14 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
  • Applied to be on Survivor - twice!

Ben Rosbrook

ben rosbrook Twitter Blogger

Juliana Summers

juliana summers Twitter Blogger

Lauren Kopchik

lauren kopchick 15 Twitter Blogger

Nathan Gabel

nathan gabel Twitter Blogger

Claire Cavanaugh

claire cavanaugh Twitter Blogger

Dom Wood

dom wood Twitter Blogger
  • Clarksburg, MA
  • Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major, Theatre minor
  • PR Director for the Drama Club, PSA and News Director for WWPV Radio, Blogger, Green Up
  • Studied abroad Fall '13 in Florence, Italy
  • I once played a foot model in a Saint Michael's College original production of APPetite.

Brendan Oates

brendan '14 Twitter Blogger

Jessica Campbell

jessica campbell 15 Twitter Blogger
  • Canastota, NY
  • Applied Linguistics major - I designed the major myself!
  • Blogger
  • Studied abroad summer '14 in Guyana
  • I wanted to be a ballerina when I was young but never took dance classes until I got to St. Mike's. So far, I've taken six ballet classes!

Merrill Poor

merrill poor 15 Twitter Blogger
  • Mont Vernon, NH
  • Psychology major, Sociology minor
  • Blogger, Tour Guide, Liturgical Choir, LOW Lunch leader
  • Studied abroad Spring '14 in Galway, Ireland
  • I'm a Christmas baby and my parents considered naming me Ebenezer.

Sarah Hoover

sarah hoover Twitter Blogger
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Theatre major, East Asian Studies minor
  • Drama Club, Blogger
  • I can ask where the train station is in two languages and where the bathroom is in four languages.

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