Voices from Abroad


Natasha Kulick (Byron Bay, Australia)

Natasha Kulick Blogger

Natasha Kulick is a junior at Saint Mikes. She is currently studying sustainability and environmental action in Australia. This field study program travels and camps across the state of New South Wales, Sydney, Melbourne, and Tasmania to fully immerse students in the environments. For her independent project, she plans on creating a documentary film showcasing what she has learned about sustainability as it relates to diets and ways of eating!

Nicole Skaluba (Lima, Peru)

Nicole Skaluba Blogger My name is Nicole Skaluba ('18). I am a biology major with Spanish and Chemistry minors. I will be attending the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú in Lima, Perú. After studying Spanish for 8 years, I am very excited to be immersed in Peruvian culture to hopefully become fluent.

Susana Mariño-Johnson (Budapest, Hungary)

Susana Blogger

Susana Mariño-Johnson '18 is studying abroad this spring semester at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. She is a Computer Science major with a Biology minor. Eager to take full advantage of the unique Hungarian culture, she is taking a wide variety of classes ranging from Hungarian language, Contemporary Hungarian Literature and Film to Personality Types and Team Dynamics.

Deborah-Julie Katsuva (Rabat, Morocco)

Deborah Julie Katsuva Blogger Deborah-Julie Katsuva ‘18 is studying abroad this spring semester in Rabat, Morocco. She is a MJD (Media Journalism and Digital Art) with a Poli. Science minor. Looking forward to learning more about the Moroccan culture, in participating in their day to day life activities, Deborah is living with a Moroccan family . She is taking an Arabic class, and 2 journalism classes surrounded around Moroccan politic. For her last month in Morocco she will be doing an independent study with the guidance of an professional journalist.

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