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Abbigail Hyslip (Paris, France)

abbigail hyslip Blogger

Abby Hyslip '16 or Gail to her friends is currently a junior with a major in sociology/anthropology and a soon to be psychology minor. She has always dreamed of traveling & going to Paris! She plans on traveling a bunch as well while she's abroad (Belgium, Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam, London, Switzerland and Amsterdam!) She is currently studying architecture, french literature and culture, and the french language! She has always loved European architecture and the culture because of how laid back it is and the simplicity - she loves learning about people and the way they live their lives. As for random stuff, she enjoys running, hanging out with her family and friends, cats and FOOD. She loves food!! 


Erin Murphy (London, England)

erin murphy Blogger

Erin Murphy '16 is a Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts major from Newington, Connecticut. She is having a life long dream come true this year, and will be spending the Fall semester in London, England studying at the University of Westminster. While she is abroad Erin will be taking classes in Media & Sociology, mastering London's Underground, traveling Europe, and attempting to give tea a chance. Erin is looking forward to new people, places and adventures most of all.


Jenna Maksian (Rome, Italy)

jenna maksian Blogger

Jenna Maksian '16 is a Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts major with a Business Administration minor studying at John Cabot University (JCU) in Rome, Italy for the Fall 2014 semester.  She's always wanted to travel to Rome because of the city's historical beauty.  Her classes mainly focus on photography, the Italian language, marketing, and the history of Rome.  She is looking forward to the many excursions and weekend trips around Europe, and of course enjoying the Italian food while she's there!


Sarah LaForce (Bath, England)

sarah laforce Blogger

Sarah LaForce '14 is from Jeffersonville, Vermont. She is a history major with a double minor in Medieval Studies and Classics. She is taking British Detective Fiction, Ghosts and the Gothic: Literature of Terror, and Age of the Vikings while in Bath. She is also doing guided Tower Tours at Bath Abbey and interning at the Museum of Bath at Work. She plans on visiting as many museums as possible and enjoying the sites and the city. She plans on making trips to Ireland, France, and Germany while in Europe as well.


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