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Candice Kalil (Granada, Spain)

candice kalil Blogger

Candice Kalil '16 is a Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts major and Business minor from Middletown, Rhode Island. She is more than excited to be able to travel and study abroad in the southern part of Spain at the University of Granada. While she is abroad Candice will be taking classes learning about the language and culture in Spain, skiing and travelling around Europe. Candice is looking forward to all that the four month adventure has in store!​

Charles Poston (Copenhagen, Denmark)

charles poston Blogger

Charles Poston '16 is a Biology major and Chemistry minor from Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. His lifelong goal is to enter the medical field and give back to the global community in the form of patient care and attention. He hopes to become a "Doctor without Borders" after gaining his medical degree. He is currently attending the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) and will also be traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to better understand the ins and outs of healthcare across Europe. He is especially looking forward to making new international friends, gaining an appreciation of cultural awareness and living, and exercising his academic mind in a new and vibrant urban environment.

Christina Friml (Gold Coast, Australia)

tina friml Blogger Christina (Tina) Friml is a Media, Journalism, and digital arts major from New Haven, Vermont. She is driven with a passion for writing, composing, and designing in as many mediums as she can get her hands on. She is studying at Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia from February to June, where she is taking courses in Graphic arts. This is her first time outside of US/Canada.

Cory Warren (London, England)

cory warren Blogger

Cory Warren '16 is an English major. He loves walking, reading, writing, listening to music, eating food, and traveling. He is currently studying the aesthetics and history of London in art, literature, and history courses at the University of Westminster. He is thrilled to be meeting new people and exploring new places in Europe!

Mackenzie Hudson (San Jose, Costa Rica)

mackenzie hudson Blogger

Mackenzie Hudson '16 is a junior majoring in both Spanish and Biology and is in the pre-health program. She is hoping to go to PA school after graduation. She's  also a part of the field hockey team at St. Mike's. She is living in San Jose, Costa Rica but will be traveling all over the country and into Panama, Nicaragua, and hopefully some other countries. She's loving the culture, nature and people there already. She's also living with a host family and she feels like she's one of the kids. They eat dinner together and she's picking up the Spanish in Costa Rica pretty quickly. 

Meaghan Glendon (Florence, Italy)

meaghan glendon Blogger

Meaghan Glendon '16 is a Media Studies, Journalism, Digital Arts and Studio Art double major from Westchester, New York. Meaghan is extremely excited to be spending the spring semester studying at the Richmond University in Florence, Italy. She has always wanted to go to Italy and while abroad she will be taking classes in photography, drawing, art history, and the Italian language. She is looking forward to drinking lots of coffee and photographing all the places she explores in Italy and Europe. 

Morgan Mazanec (London, England)

morgan mazanec Blogger

Morgan Mazanec '16 is a Psychology major and Religious Studies minor originally from Shelburne, MA. She is attending Richmond University in London, England and playing field hockey with Richmond Hockey Club while she is abroad from January to May. She is taking courses in psychology, photography and history and is planning to travel to many European countries during her semester. 

Nicole Bogucki (Krakow, Poland)

nicole bogucki Blogger

Nicole Bogucki '16 is from Poultney, Vermont. She is currently a junior double majoring in Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology and will be studying at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland for the Spring 2015 semester. She decided to return to the homeland of Poland where her great grandmother was originally from to learn more about her heritage and maybe find a long lost relative, who knows! Her classes are mainly focused in humanities and social sciences as well as Polish language. She looks forward to immersing herself in the Polish culture and is excited for the many adventures that lie ahead, including excursions to Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains, Prague, and Auschwitz among many others! ​

Riley Stefano (Galway, Ireland)

riley stefano Blogger

Riley Stefano '16 is a junior with a major in English and double minors in Business and Creative Writing. This spring she is studying abroad in Galway, Ireland, a city known for it's history and traditional Irish language. She has always dreamed of studying in Ireland because of her heritage and of course the beautiful castles! She loves learning about the history and culture of the places she travels to. In addition to visiting many places in Ireland, Riley is also planning on traveling to Amsterdam, Scotland, Belgium, London, and Italy. She will be taking courses all about Irish culture, history, literature, and even learning the native tongue of Gaelic! 

Susanna Shigo (London, England)

suze Blogger

Susanna Shigo '16 is a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts Major and a sociology minor from Shelton, CT. She has always dreamed of seeing the world and is accomplishing just that this semester where she is studying at Richmond University in London, England. While abroad, she will be taking classes in communications and sociology, travelling to as many places as possible and developing a British accent all while drinking copious amounts of tea. She is looking forward to meeting new people and all of the adventures that England has to offer. 

Kathryn Miyahira

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