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Madeline Hughes (Rabat, Morocco)

Madeline Hughes Blogger

Madeline is enjoying her retreat under the Moroccan sun. She would typically be found at 6 am rugby practices, on the slopes and working on the Defender if she were at St. Mikes. This semester, however, she will be hanging on the beach, shopping in the medina and practicing journalism in Rabat, Morocco. She is studying abroad with SIT’s Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program. She has interned with a local paper in Maryland, been the News Editor for the Defender and now she is working with her fellow journalism students to produce media for Reporting Morocco.

Emily Higgins (Bali, Indonesia)

Emily Higgins Blogger

Emily Higgins '17 is a Studio Art and Art Education double major from Sharon, MA. She is with SIT Study Abroad this semester in Indonesia, studying art, religion, and social change. While in Indonesia she will be on the islands of Java and Bali, and will have the opportunity to complete an intensive Independent Study Project on Indonesian Arts. She is excited to immerse herself in the culture and work with local artisans to broaden her horizons as an  artist and educator. 

Jacqueline Lalla (Mérida, México)

Jacqueline Lalla Blogger

Jacqueline Lalla '17 is a dual major in Spanish and Secondary Education. Currently she is attending the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Facultad Antropología, in Mérida, México. She is integrated in the following classes with Mexican students: Caribbean Literature, Visual Anthropology, and Analysis of the Violence in Mexico. She is taking supplemental courses in Advanced Spanish and Community & Culture of the Yucatán. She looks forward to helping a local school prepare materials for English classes as well as the upcoming excursions, especially the excursion to La Havana, Cuba in March. 

Nicole Noce (Seville, Spain)

Nicole Noce Blogger

My name is Nicole Noce ’17 and am a double major in Spanish and Secondary Education. I am currently studying at Universidad Pablo de Olavide where I am taking a full course load of Spanish classes! I plan to travel all around Europe throughout the duration of my semester abroad and cannot wait to see what this incredible adventure has in store for me!

Peter Linn (Limerick, Ireland)

Peter Linn Blogger

My name is Peter and I'm a junior at Saint Michael's College studying English. I've chosen to study abroad in Ireland because it's a place with dense history, both literally and in literature, and its a place I've never been. I'm admittedly well traveled already, but that means nothing as seeing the world has always been a passion of mine and one that I am continuing while studying in Limerick, Ireland. 

Abigail Brophy (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Abigail Brophy Blogger

Abigail Brophy '17 is a double major in History and Secondary Education with a minor in Spanish. She is studying at la Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo in Guayaquil, Ecuador where she's taking Spanish classes to complete her minor. She's living with a host family and volunteering every week at El Centro de Equinoterapia, which provides therapy for children with mental and/or physical disabilities. 

Elizabeth Persons (Seville, Spain)

Elizabeth Persons Blogger

Liz Persons '17 is majoring in Classics and Spanish and minoring in Philosophy. She is studying at the University of Sevilla in Sevilla, Spain where she is taking classes on topics of Spanish culture, literature, and more. She looks forward to being immersed in the beautiful Spanish language, learning about and exploring more of Spain, and finding the best croquetas in Sevilla.

Maggie Whittemore (Perth, Australia)

Maggie Whittemore Blogger

Maggie Mae Whittemore '17 is a Media Studies, Digital Arts, and Journalism major with a Theater minor from South Paris, ME. She is with AIFS studying abroad in Perth, Australia at Murdoch University. As a lover of travel, Maggie Mae hopes to be able to adventure not only around Australia, but also visit New Zealand, and the island of Fiji. As a part of her studies she is taking a marine biology class that takes field trips weekly to different coral reefs to study the sea life. She is excited to embark on this big adventure and can't wait for you to read all about it!

Alyssa Kibbee (London, England)

Alyssa Kibbee Blogger

My name is Alyssa Kibbee, but everyone calls me Aly. I am a junior at St. Mike's and I am a double major in Business and Media, Journalism and Digital Arts. I am currently studying at Richmond, the American International University in London where I am taking both media and business classes! I plan to travel all around Europe throughout the duration of my semester abroad! 

Rachel Proctor (Stirling, Scotland)

Rachel Proctor Blogger

Rachel Proctor '17 is a Environmental Studies major and Economics minor from Lunenburg, MA. She is with Arcadia University of Global Studies Studying Abroad this semester in Stirling, Scotland. She is studying at University of Stirling and excited to take environmental classes that include concepts in aquaculture and agriculture. She is excited to explore Scottish culture and try the ceilidh, which is the traditional Scottish dance.

Sarah Amour (Seoul, South Korea)

Sarah Amour Blogger Sarah Amour '17 is currently majoring in History and minoring in East Asian Studies. Right now she is attending Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea where she is taking intensive Korean language courses and other classes ranging on various topics of Korea. She loves the delicious food and warm people in Korea, and to her mother's dismay, she never plans to leave.

Blogger SMC in England documents the experiences of the students in Saint Michael's Shakespeare class while traveling in England. During their time abroad, students will study five different plays and attend a number of cultural events.

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