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Sarah Amour (Seoul, South Korea)

Sarah Amour Blogger Sarah Amour '17 is currently majoring in History and minoring in East Asian Studies. Right now she is attending Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea where she is taking intensive Korean language courses and other classes ranging on various topics of Korea. She loves the delicious food and warm people in Korea, and to her mother's dismay, she never plans to leave.

William Farrell (South Caicos, Turks and Caicos)

william farrell Blogger Billy Farrell '17 is an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Biology from Portland, Maine. He is attending the School for Field Studies located on South Caicos, Turks and Caicos. While there he will be taking classes in Resource Management of local fisheries, Tropical Marine Ecology, Environmental Policy, and will be creating a Directed Research project for the last half of the semester. He looks forward to scuba diving the countless reefs and studying the organisms that live there and working with the local communities on developing a sustainable fishing regulations.


Kathryn Record (Copenhagen, Denmark)

kathryn record

So I will be honest with you, a few weeks before leaving for Copenhagen I was seriously questioning my decision to study abroad. The nerves had hit me, and all I could think was “did I make the right decision?”, “what if I get lost while I’m there?” ,and of course, the classic, “what if nobody likes me?”. It was like starting freshman year all over again, but instead of being 140 miles away from home I was now suddenly over 3000 miles away, and across an entire ocean. The first few days of being here were exactly like being read more...

Joshua Dickman (Byron Bay, Australia)

joshua dickman

The good news is that I absolutely love it here in Australia.. I am writing from Tasmania and though the weather is a little chilly like a New England fall day, it feels like the good Hawaiian vibes I have grown used to. I love the way people greet each other down under, always with a "how you going, matey?" or "you alright?"  Also people love their vegemite down here, although it is not for me.
We spent two weeks in Lismore with a typical Australian family and that was definitely a highlight as I got to play soccer everyday on the lawn with read more...

Jessica Reid (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Jessica Reid

The past few weeks have been a very interesting and exciting time to be in Kathmandu. Between the festivals of Teej and Desian, earthquake recovery, and the establishment of Nepal's new constitution, there has always been something new to experience and learn from.
Teej was a particularly fun festival for me and the girls on the SIT Nepal program. Teej is a woman's festival, during which women fast for the well-being of their husbands or in hopes of a good future husband. Women dress in red, sing folk songs,and dance. Leading up to the read more...

Hailey Dubuque (Byron Bay, Australia)

Hailey Dubuque G’day! My name is Hailey Dubuque and I am Junior Environmental Studies Major & Biology minor from Grand Isle Vermont. I am currently studying abroad in Australia and I absolutely love it! I am doing a program through SIT Study Abroad called sustainability and environmental action. SIT is a field based program so instead of staying at a University in Australia a group of students from all around the U.S are here with me studying together. There are only 16 of us, which is really nice because we have really close connections with our teachers and with each other. Before leaving for study abroad I was super nervous. I had never travelled alone and felt unprepared read more...

Catherine Corrigan (Limerick, Ireland)

Catherine Corrigan I have been in Limerick, Ireland for about 8 weeks now and the time is moving way too fast. I am studying at the University of Limerick and I couldn’t be happier! I joined the rowing club here which has been a great way to meet people and to learn a new sport at the same time. I had my first race on Halloween and it was so much fun! I had a great first impression of Ireland, and it hasn’t changed, it’s only gotten better. Before I left everyone told me how the Irish people are very welcoming and kind, and honestly that is read more...

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