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Alex Brenock (Dublin, Ireland)

alex brenock Blogger

Alex Brenock '15 is from Medway, Massachusetts. Although a Business Administration major at Saint Michael's College, Alex is taking courses in History and English while abroad at Trinity College in Dublin. She came to Ireland for the Irish culture and friendly people. Alex is looking forward to exploring Dublin, meeting new people, and traveling through Europe.


Cara Chapman (San José, Costa Rica)

cara chapman Blogger

Cara Chapman '15 is a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major with a Religious Studies minor from Plattsburgh, NY. She is spending this semester at Veritas University in Costa Rica where she is studying Spanish, intercultural communication, theory of Latin American tropical dance, and mural painting and public art. She also lives with a host family as part of this culturally immersive experience. This is Cara's first time away from the east coast of the United States, and she is looking forward to sharing her adventures and encounters through writing and photography.


Emily Laughlin (London, England)

emily laughlin Blogger Emily Laughlin '15 is a Psychology major from Brookfield, CT spending the semester in London at the University of Westminster. She is taking psychology classes and a few art classes that allow her to explore the various museums around the city. Emily fell in love with London when she traveled there in high school with her family and made it her goal to live there for a semester. She is most looking forward to traveling around Europe and exploring different cultures while abroad. 

Hillary Miller (Brazil, Vietnam, South Africa)

hillary miller Blogger Hillary Miller 15' is a biology major and an anthropology minor from Plattsburgh, New York. She is studying abroad this semester through SIT-World Learning on the International Honors Program-Health and Community track. She will spend time first in Washington DC and then she will travel to Vietnam, South Africa and finish the semester in Brazil. She was drawn to this program because of the comparative aspect; as there are not many programs where travel to three countries in one semester is possible. This program strives to look at health from a whole new lens through gaining knowledge about health impacts of globalization, comparative health systems, governance and policy making as well as public health issues and innovative strategies to address them. Through enacting change she hopes to do her part in making the world a better place! She is interested in pursuinga career in Public Health. Hillary is looking forward to all of the experiences and opportunities she will have during this program; especially the visits to the rural areas in each country. 

Juliana Summers (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

juliana summers Blogger

Juliana Summers '15 is studying at Stellenbosch University through AIFS. She chose South Africa because she started researching different programs, and fell in love with the beauty of the area and all of the adventures that are offered through the program. She'll be taking classes that focus on South African history, language and culture, which will count toward her Global Studies minor. She's most looking most forward to the excursions to play with elephants, hike mountains and do crazy adventurous things like jump off the highest bridge in the world, as well as the opportunity to volunteer every week in the areas around Stellenbosch.


Lauren Carter (London, England)

lauren carter Blogger Lauren Carter '15 is studying in the land of tea and biscuits galore: London. She is a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major at Saint Mikes and has been in love with the city of London since 6th grade ever since watching Peter Pan pass Big Ben before his flight into the night. While she is abroad she is studying journalism, travelling her heart out, and eating/ taking pictures of food more than necessary. She looks forward to her travelling adventures, more food, meeting new people, and overall exploring the world that being abroad has opened for her. 

Lauren Kopchik (Rabat, Morocco)

lauren kopchik Blogger

Lauren Kopchick '15 is a junior Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major originally from Poughkeepsie, NY. She is spending this semester in Morocco with SIT's Journalism and New Media program, where she will be studying the media landscape of the country and working with reporters on a topic of her choice. Although Lauren has never traveled outside of North America, she is excited to begin her journey with Morocco and will be sharing her adventures through writing, photography, and video.


Lauren Mazzoleni (Coleraine, Ireland)

lauren mazzoleni Blogger

Lauren Mazzoleni '15 chose to study abroad at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Ireland because of her interest in the Irish culture and media. She's taking classes related to television since that's a field she is interested in learning more about. She's looking forward to traveling around Europe and learning more about the European culture and herself. 


Merrill Poor (Galway, Ireland)

merrill poor 15 Blogger

Merrill Poor '15 is studying at NUIG, which stands for the National University of Ireland in Galway.  She chose to come to Ireland because she wanted to experience the generosity and hospitality of the Irish people that she'd heard so much about. She chose NUIG because it offers a particular service learning class for American students, which will allow her to volunteer at a local homework club for primary school children living in Galway. They also offer a variety of psychology and sociology classes that she might not otherwise get to take. In addition to her studies, she's extremely excited to have the opportunity to explore both Ireland and Europe, all the while growing and learning about herself as an individual. 


Samantha Harris (Oxford, England)

samantha harris Blogger

Sam Harris '15 is a Classics major from Brattleboro, Vermont. She is currently a visiting student at Worcester College, Oxford where she is studying Latin poetry for two terms. Sam is also dancing, attending a Greek reading group, and enjoying the beauty of Oxford while she is abroad. 


Sheila Bogan (London, England)

sheila bogan Blogger Sheila Bogan '15 is a junior from Poughkeepsie, New York. She is majoring in Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts and minoring in Political Science. She's off to London, England for the semester studying at the University of Westminster. She loves photography and includes a lot of images in her blog posts. 

Sophia Stone (Valparaíso, Chile)

sophia stone Blogger Sophia Stone '15 is an Elementary Education and Spanish double major from Warwick, Massachusetts. Sophia is taking classes at Pontificia Universidad Catolica d Valparaíso to improve her Spanish and hopefully become fluent. She is also staying with a host family in Viña del Mar where she hopes to become friends with her 2 older sisters. She is looking forward to learning all about the Chilean Culture and to learning how to dance like a Chilean! 

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