Password Reset and Rules

Reset Tools


Saint Michael's uses the ReACT Password Tool for users who've forgotten their passwords or for other issues such as being locked out of the system.  The ReACT tool is a self-service system where the user will need to know their Mikenet name and answers to security information.


Knight Vision uses the Mikenet name and password for logging into the KnightVision system. If you cannot remember your Mikenet password, you may use the Password Reset Tool called ReACT located at:

Knight Vision is a web-based application used primarily for online registration for classes. In addition, there are functions for supporting the faculty and staff areas. KnightVision provides students with real-time information about their class schedules, their grades and their standing in relation to degree requirements. Students can use KnightVision to look up schedules of class offerings and, during defined registration periods, to register for classes. Faculty use KnightVision to view information about their advisees, and to see their class rosters and information about course offerings. Staff member use may consist of accessing KnightVision to review budget information and leave plan information.

Mikenet Password Rules

Do I absolutely have to change my password?

Due to security reasons, all Mikenet users are required to change their passwords every 120 days.  This password change does not impact the user’s Datatel passwords.

How will I know when my password is due to expire?

When your password is due to expire, you will receive a prompt to change your password at login (either while logging into a college-owned computer or logging into email through Outlook Web Access). Follow the on-screen prompts to change your password.

Special Note for Outlook Web Access users:  There are two possibilities for changing your password through Outlook Web Access (webmail). Please read the screen carefully!

What rules do I have to follow when changing my password?

How can I pick a password that I'll be able to remember, yet follow all those rules?

Try creating a pass-phrase based password:

  1. Think of a sentence that you can remember, such as my son Adam is three years older than my daughter Anna. This will be your pass-phrase.
  2. Take the first letter of each word of the sentence to create a new word. Using the example above, you'd get: msaityotmda.
  3. Then mix it up by using a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Example: MsAi3yotmdA
  4. Finally, substitute some special characters that look like letters, to make this password even stronger. These tricks finish the example password to read M$8ni3y0tmd@

(If you're worried about remembering your pass-phrase, start with a common phrase, such as You can't teach an old dog new tricks, then inject at least one number or symbol into the password. In this case, yctaodnt can become YctaODnT, or even U(t@0DnT.)

How can I be sure that my password is strong enough?

Check the strength of your password at:

Where can I get help if I’m unable to change my password?

Call the Helpdesk during normal IT Helpdesk hours: Monday-Friday between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

For all other password reset needs, please reset your password via the ReACT Password Tool.