Computer Recommendations

While Saint Michael's networking environment is Windows based, most computers (see below) are compatible with the Saint Michael's College network.

Recommended Computer Specifications

Getting ready to buy a computer? Our Student Laptop Program makes it easy for you by offering specially configured laptop packages that meet or exceed Saint Michael's College's minimum technical requirements. These packages include on-site service and support and are pre-loaded with Microsoft Office Professional and anti-virus software.

For additional details, or to purchase a laptop online through the Campus Store, please visit the Student Laptop Program page.

PC Computers

Our recommendation for computer specifications includes the following hardware specifications and services:

MAC Computers

Any MacBook with at least 4 GB of RAM and 500+GB hard drive will run most of the applications needed by students.  The MacBook Air is not recommended due to its limited hard drive space. 

Other Devices

In addition to a computer, we recommend headsets and a security device to deter theft. While we do provide space to save files on the network, we recommend flash drives for saving files. These accessories can be purchased through CampusHP as part of the student laptop program or onsite at our College campus store. Service and Support

Our IT Helpdesk provides assistance for registering and connecting personal computers to the Internet. Hardware and software support services are provided by our vendor partner, CampusHP.  CampusHP provides free on-site software support and warranty service for students who purchase computers through the student laptop program. CampusHP also provides warranty repair services for Lenovo and Apple computers. CampusHP charges a per instance service fee for all other computer services. The CampusHP office is conveniently located with the Helpdesk in Saint Edmund's Hall, Suite 221.

We cannot guarantee full network resources for computers that do not meet our recommended specifications,including older Microsoft Windows computers as well as Macintosh or Linux computers.

What software do I need?

Saint Michael's College uses the Microsoft Office Suite on campus.  If you purchase a computer through the CampusHP Laptop Program, Microsoft Office will come pre-loaded on the laptop.  If you need to purchase a license, Microsoft and Adobe licenses (for Windows and Mac) are available through the online Campus Store on the Software Purchases page.

Our Virus Protection Policy requires that all network users properly use virus protection software. SMC uses a network solution called Campus Manager to register student computers on the network. This allows us to quickly identify and isolate problem machines. If you purchase a computer through the CampusHP Laptop Program, anti-virus software is pre-loaded.

Still have questions?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk at 802.654.2020 or via email at