Support for Student Computers

Personal Computer Support Services

The IT Helpdesk provides assistance with computer registration for personal computers.  This service includes installing necessary Windows, anti-virus and anti-spyware updates to ensure that the computer passes the Campus Manager compliance scan and assistance with Campus Manager computer registration.

The CampusHP Office (conveniently located with the Helpdesk) compliments the services provided by the IT Helpdesk.  The CampusHP Office provides full support services for laptops purchased through the CampusHP Student Laptop Program, provides expanded support for Apple MacBook computers through Campus CompUcare and provides additional fee-based services for technical support.

Services Provided by the CampusHP Office:

  • Free support for laptops purchased the Student Laptop Program (includes hardware repair for 4 years, accidental damage protection for 4 years, operating system re-installation,  malware support and a loaner pool)
  • Expanded support for MacBook Pro computers through Campus CompUcare (includes Apple warranty repairs, online cloud backup, telephone support for operating system and hardware questions, and a loaner pool)
  • Fee-based services for hardware and software issues not covered by the IT Department, Student Laptop Program or Campus CompUcare (based on time and materials)

Services and support for student owned desktop/laptop computers

Full support is provided for machines with Windows 7. All other operating systems are supported on a best effort basis.  We reserve the right to decline service for computers older than 4 years.

System Compliance

  • Installation of Windows critical updates and patches
  • Configuration and updates of anti-virus software
  • Configuration and updates of anti-spyware software
  • Assistance with computer registration
  • Referral service to local vendors

The IT department will not provide the following services:

  • Operating system re-installation
  • Troubleshooting on computers that do not boot properly
  • Hardware installation and repair
  • Software installation and troubleshooting
  • Malware support on computers that are infected with viruses or spyware

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