CyberSecurity Awareness Month

Cyber Security for the SMC Community

The Saint Michael's College Information Technology Department takes the cyber security of our community very seriously.

  • We adhere to a number of security policies, guidelines and standards. Members of the SMC community may access these policies in the mySMC portal (authentication required).
  • Every October, we join other organizations in being recognized nationally for our cyber security awareness programs that we organize for our students and employees.
  • Our Information Technology staff works daily with individuals to help them avoid future security issues for their computers, smart phones, tablets and other technical devices.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual effort to increase awareness and prevention of online security issues including social networking privacy, stolen passwords, phishing scams and other cyber crimes. Saint Michael's College IT department participates in this important national event each year and takes the cyber safety of the college community very seriously. 

As part of Cyber Security Awareness month, Educause holds a video and poster contest every two years with prizes of up to $1500. See the Security Video and Poster Contest site for the information on the 2011 contest. The entries for the next poster and video contest will be due in Spring 2013.

Saint Michael's Events for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2012

  • In September, we conducted an early event to coincide with the introduction of the mySMC portal.  During that event and ensuing introductory workshops throughout September, we taught and encouraged employees and students how important it is to lock or log off of their computers when they leave their machines for even one minute in order to safeguard their own and the college’s data.
  • 100 posters have been posted around campus "It's Easy to Be Secure".
  • A reporter from the Defender and IT staff wrote an article on malware for the October edition.
  • Our events have been posted to the national cyber security awareness organization for national publication, 
  • We held four Malware workshops for students and employees.
  • PowerPoint on Malware

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013

We are in the process of planning our events for 2013.

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