Knight Card Office

The Knight Card is your Saint Michael's College ID, exterior door access card, meal plan card, declining debit balance card, and your CCTA bus pass.

Your Knight Card functions as a debit card on campus and at over 100 off-campus merchants, as listed below. Add funds to your card through the online deposit form using a debit card, credit card or e-check. You may also send a check made payable to Saint Michael's College to campus Box 154. Deposits can be made in the Knight Card office using credit card, check or cash - $20.00 minimum. Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted but you must have the physical card to make a deposit and these funds are available immediately upon completion of the deposit. The Knight Card Office is located on the second floor of Alliot Student Center, Room 207 and our hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Should you need to make a deposit after hours or on weekends, the library has a "cash only" machine that you can put $1.00 or more onto your knight card and these funds are available immediately.

If you use the online deposit form, funds will be posted to your Knight Card account when they are received by the College, which is typically two business days after the transaction is processed. Please plan the timing of your deposits to ensure funds are available when you need them.

If your card is lost or stolen, call the Knight Card Office at 802.654.9500 (campus extension 9500) during business hours, or the college switchboard after hours at 802.654.2000 (x2000).

802.654.9500 or