Saint Michael's brand identity is the associations, perceptions and experiences we want our constituents to have with Saint Michael's College. The Office of Marketing and Communication team creates and shares content that expresses our brand identity.

What makes up our brand identity?

At Saint Michael's, our students Learn What Matters. That includes:

  • Understanding the world globally/holistically
  • Considering what is ethical and moral and right in all subjects
  • Educating the Complete Person - intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • Focusing on developing quality and purpose in life
  • Valuing the pursuit of happiness and encouraging it in those around us

The four main components of our brand identity all contribute to What Matters. What and how we communicate should be determined by how well our communications underscore those four components, which are:

  • Community: Saint Michael's is an intellectual institution that genuinely embodies and emphasizes interpersonal relationships, attention, hospitality, mutual support, spiritual growth and cooperation.
  • Location: Our location in northern Vermont significantly contributes to the Saint Michael's experience, with natural beauty and outdoor/wilderness experiences close by both for curricular and extra-curricular opportunity, and the importance of environmental conservation and preservation always in mind.
  • Ethos - Ethics: At the heart of learning at Saint Michael's is the need to consider what is ethical, just and right. Professors and students are encouraged to ask themselves and each other what the moral implications are to the questions and answers they consider, and to bring those deliberations into all of their actions.
  • Student-Focused Learning: Undergraduate education is our focus: students at Saint Michael's benefit from small classes, personalized learning, close relationships with faculty, and impressive opportunities for faculty-staff research. Our students are empowered to be academic, spiritual and community leaders.

Our department is tasked with researching, discovering, defining and producing stories which highlight the seven themes we feature our website:

  • Academics
  • Service
  • Adventure
  • Opportunity
  • Community
  • Outcomes
  • Tradition

Why It Matters

Colleges now face challenges from increasing tuition rates, alternative online education, and focus on vocational courses. Emphasizing Saint Michael's College values is crucial to explaining the lifelong value of a liberal arts education at a fully residential college.

Learn What Matters